Gabriel By Tina Pollick

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When demons break ancient bonds, a love-match between a valiant archangel and a selfless nurse bring humanity’s last hope—but contagion from the demons threaten their newly developed bond.
Kematians escape the guard of the watchful archangels and flee into the world to feed on humanity. With powerful regeneration abilities, the demons turn the tide against the valiant archangels, taking a toll on their numbers. Will Calla Stevens, a nurse with miraculous healing abilities, be able to save Gabriel when he’s on the cusp of death?

I received Gabriel as a prize in a fun giveaway directly from the author, whose brilliant mind and the books that come out of it I adore.  After reading Shadow Of Hope, I was totally stoked to dig into Gabriel.  I have had this lined up to read for a couple of weeks now, but with everything going on, it was put on the backburner until yesterday when I finally had time to sit down and finish it.

I loved it.  Tina might laugh at me.  Her books always give me moments of feeling uncomfortable because things that happen in the books go against what I’ve been raised to believe.  I personally enjoy that, when a book challenges me like that. When we are talking spirituality, that can make you squirm just a wee bit.  I squirmed.  Gabriel is unlike any depiction of any angel I have ever learned about, especially being that he is an archangel, one of God’s warriors.

He is definitely a warrior.  There is tons of action in Gabriel. It is fast paced and a quick read, 234 pages fly by.  Add to that fact that no one writes a love scene like Tina does. Hot.

I think the demons were portrayed perfectly too. I can see the story of how these Kematians came to be being how demons are and how some demons are formed.  There’s a twist too concerning them that you won’t see coming that I loved.  That twist added an extra dimension to the battle scenes. You’ll see what I mean when you get to it.

The only thing I wished for in this book was more development of the relationship between Calla and Gabriel.  It was kind of warp speed, wow, how’d that happen.  Then again, Gabriel is an angel, maybe that’s how they do things.  Decisively and fast.

Other than that one thing I would have wanted more of, I loved the book and I can’t wait to read the next book I have sitting here on my iPad from her.

Wait! you say.  There is another book?  Yes! There is! Soul Broker is already listed on Amazon. You can’t buy it yet, but it’s there.  That is going to be on my Friday Reads list this week if I don’t get to it today or tomorrow.  I can’t wait. I love Tina’s writing style.  She is able to combine action packed drama with a love story that melts your heart. 

Thank you Tina for sending me over a copy of Gabriel to enjoy!

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