Fusion Sports Camp

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At our church, instead of doing your typical vacation Bible school, we do a sports camp.  It is a blast.  We play soccer, football, and baseball, before and after we do a memory verse, a little bit of teaching around the memory verse, and prayer.  Last year we had them sign up for one sport and they played that all week.  This year they are all playing all 3 sports.  I coach soccer. (I know, surprise surprise to all of you who know me, those who don’t, I coach 2 of my kids’ soccer teams, all 4 play, I played, my husband still plays, soccer is in our blood.

Alyce and Nano have kind of been wondering and not playing.  Nano because he is 4 and it’s hard to keep his focus for 2 hours.  Alyce because her mouth still hurts.

Here’s some pics from this week of my own kids.  The ones where they are actually playing aren’t mine.  They belong to a lady who goes to my church.

Jordan, closest to the camera

Katiana in the middle

Jordan (in the glasses) and one of our
Spark Youth blocking each other

Katiana downing a pixie stick before baseball

Jordan and another of our Spark guys before baseball

Alyce, still not feeling great

What Christiano does at sports camp

It has been a fun week! Tonight is our last night.  I’d say it’s time for some rest and relaxation but soccer season starts soon, there won’t be much R&R going on around here for awhile.

Have a wonderful day!

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