Full Moon In December

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Full Moon In December by Lisa Rusczyk

If you don’t know by now after reading my reviews of The Blue Pen and Sam The Night Person, I ADORE Lisa Rusczyk.  I think she should be snatched up by a major publishing house quickly because she is uber talented!  Remember in my review of Sam The Night Person that I said I wished that she would create a whole series of these books?  She had another one hiding for me to read.  I got to read more of Sam and Azzy.  Before I go to deep into my review, let me give you the synopsis of Full Moon In December, which I got to read the e-book of.

Kayla knows what the birds and trees and plants are saying. She doesn’t know anything outside of her second mom Elle and her Aunties and Uncle Bingo. When Elle brings a night person named Sam to their basement, Kayla is more than disappointed. She wanted Kelly, the handsome football star. She knows why Elle is doing all this, but why is life so hard? And why did her moon flower die? She’s never had a plant die before.
Sam’s life has changed. He is a different person than he was years ago. He’s made a new life and doesn’t want the change that came to him. What does this woman, Elle, want from him? He wants to find some way to convince Kayla to release him from the basement Elle is keeping him in. Will Kelly, the pesty young night person Sam used to teach come to his rescue? Sam refuses to do anything himself, and doubts that he could even if he wanted to. He’s made tough choices, and another is to come.

Kayla is one of those rare Earth people that I said there needs to be a story about.  I swear Lisa read my mind before I even met her.  I would say this one was even better than the other 2 books I read I of hers, but I think I feel that way because I enjoy the books so much as I am reading them and I am so sad when I am done.  I’m sad because it’s over.  Do you ever feel that way about a book?

This book has so many characters in different places and you just keep wondering how they are going to relate, because somehow they have to relate, they all have some sort of talent, and then you have the a-ha! moment.  (Another book that has done that to me is Between the Bridge and the River by Craig Ferguson.  Speaking of whom, did you know he has 2 books out? Back to his book, I loved that one too!)  The whole time your reading this, you keep thinking that Elle is going to be evil, that she has this horrible plot, that’s why she is doing what she is doing.  Why is she doing what she is doing with the people who have special abilities?  I can’t tell you.  I’d totally be ruining the book for you.

Kayla is this young girl who was taken from her mother by Elle when she truly was just a baby.  While Elle, her “aunts”, and her “uncle” are good to her, she’s lonely.  She’s never been outside of her own world.  Her world is magnificent in the fact that she can talk to the plants, she can carry on conversations with the animals, she can hear the trees, but she still wants to experience the outside world.

Kelly was a boy back in Sam The Night Person who is now a football star in the making at the college Sam now goes to and teaches at.  He now is questioning his abilities and whether anything they (night people) are able to do is important.

Then you have Dall and Rose.  Dall found Rose wondering on a beach in front of a cafe.  She had withdrawn into herself.  Who is Rose?  Where did she come from.  I’d tell ya, no, I won’t.  You have to read it yourself.

Then there’s Sam and Azzy.  I want Sam and Azzy together so badly.  I adore Sam and Azzy.  Will Sam ever ever ever be able to accept himself so that he can accept what he and Azzy have before he loses her forever?  That one I don’t have the answer to.  Couldn’t tell you if I wanted to.

Lisa Rusczyk could though.  And I’m dying to read her next book!

This is another of Lisa’s books that would be excellent for both young adults and adults.  There is only an occasional cigarette, nothing else that would concern me with a younger reader.

Be watching for a giveaway coming up on Lisa’s books!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do because she is such a wonderful author!

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Thank you to Lisa Rusczyk for providing me an e-book copy of Full Moon In December. I LOVED it!

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  • Lisa Rusczyk

    Thank you so much! Your reviews make me happy! 🙂

  • Grandma

    Sounds like a great read (and you know how I love anything with the word ‘moon’ in it, it has to be wonderful). kamoons