First Game Of The Season

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Katiana had the first game of the season yesterday and she did great!  They are playing 4 on 4 this year because she moved up to under 8.  She wasn’t thrilled about playing sweeper and we kept giving her encouragement from the sidelines when it was her turn to play defense.  She kept telling us I caaaaan’t.  Yes you caaaaaaaan.  Play goalie with no hands!  You can do it.  She got scored on.  It was all good though.

When she went back up to striker she scored 4 goals, boom boom boom.  She’s turning into a rocking little soccer player.  All the girls did really well yesterday and we won by some insane number like 17 to 5 or somewhere around there.  It was crazy. 


Really Kata, you can play sweeper.  I promise!


The whole team.  We have some new girls this year since we have 8 players instead of 6.  Same coaches though (on both ends) and a new assistant coach in the middle.  Honestly, these guys are so awesome with the girls.  We’re lucky to have had them as our coaches for the past couple of seasons.  I really like them.





We were all slightly disturbed by the number of dragonflies that were out.  It was Katiana’s first away game ever and we played in town where the fields are right by the river.  Dragonflies EVERYWHERE!  Like, duck!  there were so many of them.  They don’t hurt people right?

After the game we ate at Carlos O’Kelley’s because the Olive Garden had a humongous wait and I don’t wait more than 5 minutes with little kids.  Doesn’t work well.

Then we went to Wal-Mart and grabbed stuff to cook out at my mom’s and to make s’mores with. 

Came home, put the extra stuff away and headed to mom’s.  My brother Josh, his wife Shelley, and their 3 kids were there and we had a blast.  We brought our own meat to cook whatever we wanted for supper and my family had steak tacos with green sauce and bratwursts.  Pato cooked ours.  If you ever get a chance to taste Pato’s cooking on the grill you should jump for it.  I’ve never tasted food as good as his.  I prefer his to going out to eat.  I’m a lucky woman. 

We hung out around the campfire roasting marshmallows with humongous campfire size marshmallows that made an incredible mess with 6 kids until about 11 and then came home.  I forgot to get my camera out, so no pictures of that fun.

At home I promptly crawled into bed and passed out much to Pato’s dismay.  I think he tried to wake me up but I was having none of that.  I went straight to dream land.

Got up and just made some bird bread because I didn’t get it done last night before I passed out.  My budgies are calling out for it.  Loudly.  They get it at 8:30 AM usually.  They aren’t happy with me right now.

Today Jordan’s dad is bringing him home in a couple of hours and then he has a soccer game today.  Then home for showers and bed for school tomorrow.

I’m off to pull the bread out of the oven and get the girls and Nano in the shower for the game.

Have a great day!

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  • It’s hard to believe that soccer season has already started. We have our first practice and team meeting in a few hours. Getting kiddos tat age to play sweeper is difficult. My son doesn’t really like it because it gets boring. I hope she has a great season!