First Day Of School Pictures

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I totally meant to post these to go up Tuesday morning but then life got away from me.  I worked all day on Tuesday and It’s taking me a little bit to get used to a work schedule along with my blogging.

Notice Katiana’s new accessory for school?  Sunday night she fractured the scaphoid bone, the bone between the thumb and her wrist.  She wasn’t even playing man.  She was standing there with one foot on a skateboard the other on the ground and her little cousin walked by and accidently bumped the board.  Kat fell and caught herself on her hand.  We spent the evening in the ER.  Next Wednesday we go to the orthopedic surgeon to have it set.  They said they like to wait 7-10 days to cast this kind of break because it can take that long for it to show on the xray.  If it was showing Sunday at the ER, I wonder what it will look like Wednesday when they re-xray. 

That is how she is starting off her middle school career. 

school_2There’s my boy who needs a hair cut. 😀  He said he will not be cutting it any time soon because he wants to grow it out and donate it.  Excellent heart, hair is still driving me crazy. 😀  He’s had a good first couple of days but is not enjoying the block schedule at the high school.  Classes are a lot longer and it is testing his ADHD to the fullest.


My girls have had an excellent couple of days in 6th and 3rd grades, minus Kat’s wrist hurting.  I have given her ibuprofen every morning when she wakes up and she knows she can go down to the nurse’s office to get more, but she hasn’t.  When she gets home she is in so much pain. 

A side note:  I got their outfits for school this year on Rose Gal.  I love their clothes but here’s a tip.  My girls wear a size 10 and a size 14 in girls.  Katiana wears a women’s large and Alyce a women’s medium/large on that site.  Take your measurements carefully and compare to the sizing chart for EACH item. I love the clothes, but they run very small. 

If you do it right, you can get some really cute clothes inexpensively.  I bought them each 5 full outfits for about $120.  10 outfits all together.  I paid a little extra to expedite the shipping and it took a little over a week to get here. 


My creeper 1st grader had a great couple of days.  Nano has come home each day excited to tell me about his day, that’s a good thing.  He was a bit bummed that his cousin Cambria wasn’t in his class this year but he found out his friend Nicholas was and so is another boy from his soccer team.  That helped cheer him right up.

I’ve had quite a few people ask if Nano and Alyce are twins lately, and in the picture above I can totally see why.  Alyce is fairly tall for her age, she was one of the tallest in 2nd grade last year.  Nano is just as tall as her now in 1st grade.

school_5I love having cousins in the same grade at the same school.  There’s always someone to play with at recess.


First grade cousins! He had to have another picture with the creeper hood up. 😀


Third grade cousins!  These two have never been in the same class even though they have been at the same school together since kindergarten.  Alyce keeps hoping each year will be the year she gets to be in class with Carter and each year they are with different teachers.  She may just have to wait until middle school when they start switching classes but that won’t guarantee they have a class together either.


And the note my little man brought me home from school Monday.  I mizzt you mom at shool.  (I’m assuming those are s’s that he wrote backwords.)  Tore at my heart a bit after he had hung on me in the morning, not wanting me to leave him.  Such a sweet little heart.

All in all, excellent start to the school year.  I had a full day as a sub associate as well.  I was at the high school in the morning and in the afternoon at one of our elementary buildings.  I sat through Algebra II and Intro To Drafting And Design for the first time ever.  I found that I still such at math and I understand why Jordan isn’t enjoying the block schedule at all.  The kid I worked with was great but those are extremely long classes.  Working with the kindergarteners in the afternoon was a nice change of pace after those 2 classes. 😀

How were your first days back at school?

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