First Day Of School Is Today

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back to school

Who is ready?

*hand raised high*

I was so good until a couple of weeks ago.  All of a sudden it was like my children turned into little crazy beings that I didn’t even know.  (That’s saying a lot, my boys are not known for being low key and mellow.)

My kids go back this morning!  Woot!  I have 4 kids in 3 different buildings, which is the same as last year, but different buildings.

These pics are from open house the other night, I’ll have pics from back to school morning up tomorrow morning.

open house nano

Nano is in 1st grade this year and gets his own desk that opens up. So exciting when you’re 6.  This year he also gets his own locker in the hallway.  Moving on up in the world, I didn’t get a locker until I was in like 6th grade.  He’s a bit bummed that his cousin Cambria isn’t in his class this year (she was in kindergarten) but his friend Nicholas is, so that left him happy.

I’m a little nervous about how this year will go.  We’ve got his diagnosis, even though it isn’t official yet.  High functioning autism, ADHD, and sensory perception disorder, which we already knew.  Lots of things in place to give him that sensory pressure that he craves plus he’ll continue with his occupational therapy and add in speech therapy.  His vocabulary is great, it’s teaching him the social aspects of speech that we are working on.

open house Alyce

Miss Alyce is entering 3rd grade and is still at the elementary with her brother.  She’s a little bummed that her BFF is not in her class this year and that once again her cousin Carter is in a different class but I’m sure she’ll see them both on the playground.

That reminds me that I am coming up on my 9 year blogging anniversary.  I started it at the end of August when I was pregnant with her.  If you’ve been with me from the beginning, can you believe this one is going into 3rd grade?

open house katiana

Kat moved up to the middle school building this year and is in 6th grade.  Her BFF is on the gold team and she is on the purple so they don’t have any classes together.  She did find a few other friends who are on the purple team, so that’s good.  It sounds like her and her best friend will be passing in the hallway.  Her friend goes into every class that she is coming out of.

open house jordan

And there is my oldest.  He moved up to the high school this year and is a sophomore.  (Our 8th graders and freshman are in the same building this year because our community just keeps growing.  They keep having to shuffle schools around even with 7 elementaries, 1 extra 5th grade building, 2 middle schools, 2 8th and 9th buildings, and the high school.  I look back on my graduation year with around 70 kids and am blown away by where we have come in 22 years.  Nano’s kindergarten class last year ended with 841 students.  That is crazy.

Jordan is totally excited because the high school has block periods, meaning he only is taken 5 classes total this semester.  Next semester he’ll switch to the other core classes.  It is kind of odd to me because this is the first year I’ve had a kid in the high school but I’m sure we’ll get used to it also.

AAAANNNNNDDDD my other exciting news…

I started my first job out of the house in 12 years on Friday.  I am a substitute associate in our district and will be floating between all of the schools and the district office as needed.  So far I have worked at the district office as a secretary and I am working with some awesome kiddos this week at two different schools.  I’m so excited to get out into the world and amongst people I’m not related to, not that I don’t love them dearly. 😀 

When do/did you start?  Were you doing the happy dance like me? 

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