First Day Of School 2017-2018

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Jordan senior year

I have a senior.

I don’t know when that happened and I’m not sure I’m ok with it.   I suppose there is no going back.  My son is a senior in high school.


katiana 8th grade

Katiana is in 8th grade now and in the building I work in.  She tries to pretend like she doesn’t know me, but her friends don’t let her. 😀

first day of school

Alyce is a 5th grader and in her last year at our elementary school before she moves up to the middle school.  When that day gets here Nano is not going to be happy.

first day

My third grader.  I can’t believe my baby is standing almost as tall as his locker.  He had a rough night before the first day but then had an amazing first day.

First day

Pato took the littles to school so he got a few more minutes to take extra pictures.  Lucky.  I was in a hurry to get to work and had the oldest 2 take selfies.

I cannot believe my littles are growing up so quickly.  Well, all of them are growing up to fast.  I remember the day I my water broke and I went into labor with Jordan.  Now here he is with two credits to go to graduate.

first day

I hope all 4 of them have an amazing year.  I hope I have an amazing year because the start of the school year takes me back to work as well.   I’m working with a 9th grade girl who is one of the sweetest girls you could ever meet.

How did your first day go?  Were there tears from you or the kids?  My kids were up and ready to go, but there were silent tears from Nano the night before.  I was so happy when his teacher emailed me and told me that he was having a wonderful day.

Have a beautiful day!

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