Ella’s Turning WHAT? Blog Hop with $100 GC #Giveaway

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Ella’s Turning What?

Ella’s having a birthday! I’m not too far behind her in the race to 40.  I think she’s doing much better in turning 40 than I am (I’ll be 39 in December) because my friends, we are celebrating! I am holding on to my 30’s by the tips of my fingernails. :)

I can remember my favorite birthday.  It was December 15, 1988.  I had turned 14.  My parents bought our first VCR and the first movie we ever owned – E.T.. Who didn’t love E.T.? I had a slumber party and Debra B gave me the tape I had been dying to own, Whitney Houston’s Whitney. I LOVED the song I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Who didn’t love that song?  RIP Whitney.

Ok, I’m back.  Had to stop and dance to that in my chair.

In celebration of Ella’s birthday, you get a chance to win presents!  Over here at Not Everyone’s Mama, I am giving away a few of my most favorite (e)books!

Dear Rockstar  by Emme Rollins

Jane’s Melody by Ryan Winfield

WORLDS APART by Kate Mathias

The Beckoning of Beautiful Things by Calinda B

My dear friend Andrea Johnson Beck is also going to throw in an autographed bookmark since her book is in the midst of some exciting things.  You should give Andrea’s blog a follow.  She is releasing a book over there chapter by chapter and it is good! (The e-books are international, the bookmark win would be US only.)

No need to choose between them, one person will win all 4 e-books plus the autographed bookmark.

Make sure you leave a comment below with your email address to be entered in for the grand prize of Ella’s Turning What? Blog Hop – a $100 GC to Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

Hop to the rest of the blogs to see what you can win over there!

Ella’s Turning What? Blog Hop

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