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Elementals: A Paranormal Romance Anthology

What It's About

Four sisters wielding the power of the elements.
Four men who have vowed to protect them.
One mother’s quest to destroy them.
Experience the power of love in season.

The Prophecy (Spring):

Escaping from her mother, Gaia, Creator of All, was only the beginning for Aria Spring. Staying hidden will require protection from the one man she doesn’t trust to save anyone but himself. Responsible for breathing new life into the dormant world, Aria is determined to save it, and her elementals sisters from her mother’s vow of destruction.

Disbelieving the tall tales his father and grandfather told when he was a child, Eiden refuses to acknowledge his family’s legacy as Protector of the Spring. The draw to Aria, however, is too great for him to resist, and he finds himself unable to stay away from her. When he sees her powers in action with his own eyes, he can no longer deny the fierce need to protect her – even if it costs him his life.

Bayou Bleue (Summer):

Été Munson is the fiery daughter of Gaia, the Creator of All, and the reason why the season of summer exists. But when Gaia decides the Earth is too ominous to keep, her plan sends Été into hiding in the mystical town of Bayou Bleue, Louisiana.
Enter Bear Glenn. A mysterious voyager who has come from Scotland to find Été before Gaia does. As she brings Bear into the Heart of the Swamp, a land filled with Bayou Trolls, Silent People, and the legendary Rougarou, their Fate will be tested, along with their will to survive.

Connected Souls (Fall):

Autumn Munson lives a simple life. As simple as a goddess in hiding can, that is. One of the four Elemental daughters of Gaia, Mother of All, she’s the very embodiment of the fall season. But when Mommy Dearest gets the crazy idea that the Earth must go, Autumn and her sisters scatter into hiding in a last ditch effort to save the world.
William Varian is an ancient soul. An immortal shifter who has been watching over Autumn for longer than she realizes. He holds the secrets to a past that she’s long forgotten – one where they meant everything to each other. But as he fights to keep Autumn safe, will they allow Gaia to use their centuries-old connection to destroy them, or will it prove to be a bond that not even the Mother of All can break?

Cold Awakenings (Winter):

Wynter Munson doesn’t belong in Los Angeles, but what better place to hide a Winter goddess. All that sun won’t melt her frozen heart, though, after the betrayal and loss of her cheating husband.
It’s her darkness that Morpheus is drawn to. He finds the girl of his dreams inside hers. But when the Mother of All threatens Wynter’s son, he must convince her that love not only destroys lives. It can save them too.

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I was so excited when I heard Annie Rose Welch and Lashell Collins were coming together to do an anthology! Then I found out that Anne L. Parks and Dina Haynes would be joining in too and I had to preorder this way before release day. I hadn’t read anything from Anne or Dina yet (and was excited to get a chance to try their work) and I was coming off of the end of The Saving Angels and Lies Of Lunar Falls series. I needed more Annie and Lashell.

First, I adore that gorgeous cover! The tree with the changing seasons is so beautiful! Even if I didn’t know 2 of the authors already, I think I would have grabbed this for the cover alone. The blurb was the icing on the cake.

This was amazing! I can’t even tell you which one was my favorite. It’s been a bit since I read it because my computer was down and I couldn’t review right away. When I first sat down to write this review I thought Aria Spring was my favorite, then I reread the blurb and could not choose. I loved all of their stories, the men in their lives, and Wynter’s son holds a special little place in my heart. Elements was just as beautifully written as the books I have read from Annie and Lashell and now I know I love Anne and Dina’s writing also.

I was trying to guess whose part was which authors as I was reading and while I have an inkling of which parts Lashell and Annie wrote, I’m not a hundred percent positive. This was so seamlessly put together that it was hard for me to really say so and so definitely wrote this.

Amazing book! A stunning magical adventure with beautiful relationships and friendships throughout. I absolutely loved it and am so glad I ordered it when I did. It was a happy moment when I opened up my Kindle app and it was right there waiting for me. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Annie and Lashell and to read more from Anne and Dina! I am definitely hooked on all 4 of them now.



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