Dora The Explorer – Illegal immigrant?

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In this composite image provided May 20, 2010 courtesy of Debbie Groben and, is an image of Nickelodeon cartoon Dora the Explorer created late last year by Debbie Groben of Sarasota, Fla., for a contest for the fake news site The image, and others like it that question or make fun of the Latina cartoon character’s immigration status and country of origin, have been in wide circulation since Arizona passed a controversial immigration law. Groben, who is against the immigration law, said she just created it out of good fun and didn’t know it would enter the immigration debate. (AP Photo/Courtesy of Debbie Broben and


Have you seen this yet?

It disgusts me.  And I agree with this article.

But experts say the pictures and the rhetoric surrounding them online, in newspapers and at public rallies, reveal some Americans’ attitudes about race, immigrants and where the immigration reform debate may be headed.

“Dora is kind of like a blank screen onto which people can project their thoughts and feelings about Latinos,” said Erynn Masi de Casanova, a sociology professor at the University of Cincinnati. “They feel like they can say negative things because she’s only a cartoon character.”

Though, the lady who created the picture says that it was just a joke, she likes Dora, and she is against the new Arizona law.

I know you guys don’t come here for me to get political, but every once in awhile something comes up that I just feel I have to say something about.

Let me show you something that one of my friends – who also is married to a Mexican – saw posted on one of her friend’s (let’s say former friends since she deleted her after reading this) statuses.


Nice.  I’m not sure where illegal immigrants are getting driver’s licenses at, if you know of a state that allows it, I’ve got plenty of friends that would like to know so they can go get one.  I also know lots of people who haven’t gone to the doctor because they don’t get health care.  I don’t know about other states, but here DHS requires proof that you are allowed to be here in the US before they will give you ANY type of aid be it medical, food, housing, what have you.

ETA – As of January 2010, Utah, Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington are the only states that “allow” it by not requiring proof of residency. Utah is the only state that will be allowing a “special driver’s license” for illegals. I’m not sure if that law has gone into effect or not yet.

I am so sick of hearing comments that basically profile anyone who looks Hispanic as an illegal immigrant.  I am sick of the anti-Mexican sentiment that has been growing in our country.  I am tired of people who complain that people should only speak English in our country.  I agree, everyone who lives here needs to learn English, because it is the main language spoken here, but when out and about with their own friends and families, keep your remarks about speaking English to yourselves.  I promise, unless your being a complete and total jerk, they aren’t talking about you and your egotism is really out of control.

Seriously, I’ve been sitting at a restaurant with Pato, both of us speaking in Spanish, maybe it might be something we don’t want our children to understand (yes, they understand Spanish, but when Pato and I get into deep discussions in Spanish they don’t follow along because they don’t understand everything yet) we have overheard people at neighboring tables making smart remarks about if you want to speak Spanish, go back to your own country.  More than once.

The United States of America IS my country.  Thank you.  I can get out my birth certificate if it would make you happy? I was born in Council Bluffs, IA in 1974.   Maybe my SSN?  Would you like a copy of our tax records to prove that we pay taxes?  My ethnic background doesn’t even have any Hispanic heritage in it.


I promise you sir, we were not talking about you, we were most likely discussing an idea for a birthday or Christmas present for one of our kids.  Does that make you insecure?

I know many Mexicans, both legally here and illegally.  None of them are drug dealers, kidnappers, murderers, people here for nefarious reasons.  The ones here illegally are people who were desperate, willing to risk their lives (because crossing the border is a huge risk to your life – coyotes are not nice people most of the time, the river is dangerous, and the desert can kill you) to be able to provide their family with something.  Something.  Anything is more than some of them had in Mexico.

Pato is lucky.  In Mexico his family isn’t rich by our standards, but they are well off by the standards of where they live.  They have a store, a home, they had a cantina (bar), and land to grow corn on.  His mom has since split up their house/bar/etc into rentals.  Since his dad died she couldn’t handle all of it on her own.  A lot of the people who are up here that I know didn’t have 1/4 of that in Mexico.

The last time we went to Mexico, we drove.  We were taking a truck to Pato’s dad as a present.  To see the big cardboard boxes lining the Rio Grande in Reynosa broke my heart.  Yes, we have a problem with homelessness here too, and that bothers me also, so please don’t tell me that we have all that here.  I don’t know what options they have in Mexico, but I do know that here we have things in place to help people.  Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food banks, Section 8 housing, Habitat for humanity, government aid, free lunch programs at school, people who want to help.

I am not condoning illegal immigration, but I understand the desperation behind it.  It is nearly impossible for a young male from Mexico to get a work visa to come to the US unless he owns property and/or a business.  If he owned property and a business would he really be desperate enough to cross the border illegally?  If he was able to care for his family, would he take that risk?  Our visa quotas are outdated.  Our quotas are based on populations from decades ago (unless I just haven’t read that the quotas have been changed dramatically).

We need immigration reform.  Republicans need to get off their high and mighty thrones and work with democrats on this issue.  (Can I say that since I am a registered republican?  And I voted for McCain last election, though I’m not happy about his “waffling” on his immigration stance recently.  That was one of the reasons I liked him, a republican who didn’t go along with the crowd.  Now he’s going with the crowd because he’s up for reelection.  Mr McCain I am not proud of you anymore.)

And Americans (not all of us, but there are a lot) need to stop assuming that everyone who looks Hispanic and/or speaks Spanish is an illegal alien.  Racism stinks.

Ok, off my high horse.  This subject is just near and dear to my heart and I get a tad passionate about it at times.  The whole Dora The Explorer/illegal immigrant news article on my phone when I was reading the news set me off.

I’d also like to add to this that none of the illegals I know have ever stolen someone’s identity.  They used to pay taxes at work on a made up social security number.  How do I know this?  Because they got letters from the IRS stating that there was no SSN by that number assigned to anyone, please check their number and fix so they can get proper credit for their taxes.  I’ve seen these letters many times as I translate for a lot of people.  I realize that not all illegals do this, but the ones that I know did.  I’m not saying this is right, just stating what I know.  Now, thanks to an accountant informing them that they could get an employee identification number, they all have EINs, assigned to them by our government, in their own name, paying their taxes that way.

Have a great day.

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  • Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Utah, Washington and West Virginia. These are some of the states that issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens. A little research goes a long way.

    I live in one of those states.

    I had my identity stolen by an illegal alien in 2005. I’m still living with the financial ramifications of that issue. Perhaps you can trust me on the fact that it is a significant issue. Two years ago ICE raided a company in my city and arrested nearly 100 illegals working there. Over half had stolen identities from US citizens. Those citizens are dealing with similar loss of money, loss of credit, difficulty with jobs, inability to pay taxes without repeated trouble, etc.

    My college age daughter had her car (that she worked and saved to pay cash for) totaled by an illegal alien nearly two years ago. License, yet. Insurance, no. Exactly one year later, to the week, she was a passenger in a car — totaled by an illegal alien. License, yes. Insurance, no.

    To be clear, being an illegal resident isn’t a one time action. It’s a **perpetuated fraud,** day after day. And you seem completely unaware of the real victims of this fraud. It goes far, far beyond walking across a border. When you break the law to get here, you have to break more and more laws to STAY here, to get what you want here, to give the appearance of legal status.

    I have dear friends who are/were illegal here. One explained at length to me the elaborate system “my people” used (in Florida) to have babies at hospitals “for free.” I explained to her that it wasn’t free, but that other real people (not nameless, faceless, big, bad, evil, greedy companies) paid for it. She was shocked and mortified. It had never occurred to her.

    She also told me about the system to get new clothes and toys for her kids every month without ever paying for them. Certainly legal residents participate in such fraud, but it is less endemic in a lawful society in general than in a group that has a foundation of disregarding law for personal gain.

    Seriously, if I “risked my life” to steal your car — because I wanted to make a “better life” for my family — would you be blogging your praises of me? If so, just save me the trouble and mail me the keys. I’ll put it toward my kids’ college expenses. Honest.

    Understanding the fact that our country is what it is BECAUSE of a foundation of following the rule of law has nothing at all to do with race. It’s a red herring, and an offensive one, at that. The fact that most of the illegals in the US are hispanic is a GEOGRAPHIC and POLITICAL issue, not a racial one.

    Most of the crew building my house are hispanic. They are doing great, quality work. They deal honestly with us. And they are all legal. They respect the laws of the land, whether citizens or not. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t welcome them to this great land because they contribute to it, rather than undermine it.

    BTW, you seem to completely miss that the cartoon you posted isn’t making fun of Dora at all. It’s making fun of the law.
    .-= Alison Moore Smith´s last blog ..Roof Shingles Selected and Installed =-.

  • Heather Manning

    I’m not sure about the other states, but I have friends who are illegal in Ohio who cannot get a license, they’ve tried. No valid/unlaminated social security card and another form of ID, no driver’s license. I actually lived in Ohio for awhile and I had to get a new copy of my SScard because of the fact that it was laminated (mine didn’t say do not laminate on it) before I could get my license AND registration on my car. I’m sorry for what happened to you, but not all illegal aliens here are out doing those horrible things, and there are PLENTY of AMERICANS who do things like that also. If it would have been an American that stole your identity would you be so hot and on fire for illegal aliens?

    And I didn’t miss the point that it wasn’t making fun of Dora. I am angry at the attitude in our country towards MEXICANS in general. I’m wondering if you read the part where I said even I have been told to go back to my own country because I was speaking Spanish. I am an American citizen, born here. That’s the attitude I have a problem with.

    It is a racial issue when people assume that because someone has an accent or dark skin that they then must be an illegal alien. Sorry, no way around that. I live with it every day. My husband is Mexican. Our friends are Mexicans. I see discrimination EVERY DAY towards legals and illegals. If it happens in Iowa, it’s happening everywhere. Having people work on your house isn’t the same as living it on a daily basis.

    Bottom line, immigration needs reformed, quotas need to be revised, borders need secured, and there needs to be a pathway to citizenship because there is no way the government is going to be able to round up millions of people and deport them. In 2007, there were an estimated more than 13 million undocumented people living in the US. Think the government is going to get them all in one swoop?

  • Heather Manning

    I believe the article you are researching and telling me to research is outdated. In fact the articles that they are using for more information over on the American Resistance are from 2003 and 2004. States have done a lot of tightening since then. As of January 2010, Utah, Hawaii, New Mexico and Washington are the only states that “allow” it by not requiring proof of residency. Utah is the only state that will be allowing a “special driver’s license” for illegals. I’m not sure if that law has gone into effect or not yet. You might take your own advice before getting snotty on my blog. Thanks!

  • Beth

    Hi Heather!

    I have very mixed feelings when it comes to this issue.

    1. I live in Texas. Everywhere I look I see Mexicans. Does it offend me? NO. In fact, just down the road from me, we call it Illegal Row..most of the families that live there are ILLEGALS. Do we get a lot of trouble from them? No not really. The worst problems we have are when they are making cabrito and toss the goats head over our fence, and our dogs bring it home. Or loud music on a friday or saturday night. Before we realized they were illegals, I would call them into the police for the loud music after 1am. Especially on the nights when I had to be at work at 530the next morning. I live 1/4 mile from my closest neighbor. If I can hear your music IN MY HOUSE over my t.v. or radio…its too damned loud. period. I called it in on neighbors all the time if it ran too late. Now though we know a lot of the neighbors, and dont really have a problem with it. One neighbor runs a music venue in town, and has live bands at his property pretty often, he always lets us know when they will be (weeks in advance) and invites us too. He also makes a point to turn his speakers away from our property.

    Theres a new bar, 1 mile up the road (half a mile as the crow flies), it is a Tejano bar. It gets loud. It gets annoying. All I have to do is call up there, and they will calm it down. For my neighbors on the south fence, they got the point after I threw the goat heads back over their fence a few times. They also realized when I fired a few shots in the ground (yes, guns..I live in Texas, in the country. we have guns. we are safe with them too.) that they are being too loud, and will lower their music and shout apologies in Spanish. I appreciate it. & I dont call the law. They arent harming anyone, just annoying us a little with their music.

    Our house was broken into Dec 2008, I was 8.5 months pregnant with my son. It was the day after Christmas. It was a devastating loss. The first thing the deputy told me?? Please dont go causing trouble down the road, it was unlikely any illegals did this. Was he hispanic?? NO. He was as white-bread as i am..seriously. He’s a sheriff’s deputy, he knows there are illegals down the road from us, and he’s done/doing nothing about it. Does it bother me? It used to be I would say yes. But not really, no. They arent causing problems. We have a drug problem in our area..but its not them..its actually coming from the LEGALs up the road..some white, some black, some hispanic/mexican.

    I have to admit I used to have a serious attitude with Mexicans in general. Until I did some research. Yes we have an illegals problem. We need border security. A LOT of the Mexicans who come to America arent coming to rob us, steal our cars, our lives etc. They are ESCAPING the horror that has become their day to day life. My problem with our borders is who is to stop a terrorist from flying into Mexico, and then just coming across our borders into america?

    I know I am jumping aroudn a lot..from topic to topic.. I am on pain meds..and my thoughts arent coming clearly in a nice neat order..Sorry!! LOL

    A LOT of the illegals who come here are looking for a better life. They bust their asses to get it. They are NOT the ones that you see in the medicaid/welfare/wic office with 4 kids driving an escalade wearing nikes & tommy hilfiger. just becuase they speak spanish and very little english does not make them illegal. i know this now. id idnt used to. i used to be one of the ignorant people who mouthed off. Yes they “take” jobs that american citizens need, and could get..except for one thing. They are willing to work 10-15 hours a day, for minimal pay, with no benefits. and they are willing to do work that few american citizens will do for that pay. people assume that because the guys building the houses in that new neighborhood up the road dont speak english, they are illegal..and they call them in. but man 90% of the time the person who calls them in looks like an ass, because they are legal..or legal enough..however it works out.

    I know that many illegal men work 3-4 jobs just to support their families, and the mothers do too. I’ve heard horror stories of women coming across the border pregnant, just so their children can have a better life.

    back to my house being broken into…they stole our guns. nothing but our guns, ammo & etc. one pistol was a known drug house in austin. do I think illegals did that? nope. whoever it was, knew our house, knew where we kept our guns. it was someone we had trusted to come into our house, for some reason or another, and they either told someone else, or they decided they wanted to take that chance. if it had been someone just coming in for a quick buck, they would have stolen our t.v. dvd, dvd-r, or even some of the MANY christmas presents that were just sitting on our dining room table still in boxes. or the piggy bank full of money sitting on our bartop. or maybe some of the hundreds of DVDs on a shelf nearby. but they didnt touch any of that. they kicked in our back door, walked into my house went to where our guns were and took them. the deputy said they did that, turned off the lights opened our front door and walked out. we found out differently later..they searched for something else, my daughters belt, with her plastic pistol and vinyl holster was with our guns & gunbelts…we thought they took it too. I was soooo mad. WTF did they need with a childs pistol & belt? (toy pistol, real leather belt–thats the part that pissed me off!!) when we went to bed, we found it lying on our bed. they went into my bedroom for something. i didnt sleep for 3 months. this was someone we know. i cant blame it on an illegal.
    When i got a gun pulled on me in my neighbors driveway..they were either light skinned black/african-americans..whatever the pc term is..or they were mexican was dark, and there was a gun pointed at me..i knew the gun coz it was reflecting my headlights (nickel plated) i think they were illegal? hell no. they spoke english..ghetto english..but it was english.

    People have such negative feelings about ILLEGALS…and MEXICANS in general. I cant help but think that our assumption that mexicans are the problem/cause of everything just makes it worse..its almost like some are trying to live up to the expectations we seem to have. im nto saying this is our fault as americans. i dont believe that. not at all. to be honest, im not sure i know what i beleive. i just know that we have a problem. yes, illegal immigrants are part of it..not just from mexico..we have them from all different countries..including just dont know the ones from canada are here..because their skin is white..and you assume they belong. we have a distrust of anyone who’s skin is a differnt color than our own. not just whites, but a lot of other ethnicities have the same problem. Asians, Blacks, Whites, Mexicans, you name it..we’re scared. & since 9/11 (forgive me for this) it has multiplied x 4367290486723490867!!!

    There was something I saw recently on a blog..I’ve been looking through my history to see if I could find it, but I cant. It had several pictures of men & women up, of different ethnicities, and had terrorists thrown in there. There were like 50 pictures. It asked you to go through and guess their country/race/etc. I FAILED. as in I got like 5 right, that was it. It was very enlightening.

    Ok Im going to shut my trap now, I’ve lost the point of this post like 30 minutes brain is fried, my kids are pestering me (ive been on the computer too long for their happiness apparently LOL) and its lunchtime now.

    I’m going to leave you with this..I was born and raised in & around Austin Texas. I am see through white, blond haired, blue eyed. So are both my kids. does that make me better than Heather? She was born here in America. Her kids were born here. Whats the difference? I speak only English. She speaks Spanish AND English. Same with her kids. If anything, I’d have to say shes better..simply because she can speak 2 languages. Her skin color/race & that of her children..they have nothing to do with anything. Yet we would look at them, and judge them, because of it. We would say that they are illegal and need to go back to where they came from, because their skin is a different color?? My great grandmother is from Czechoslavakia..My great grandfather is from Germany..would you tell them to go back?? No. Their skin is white, so its assumed its ok. What kind of bullshit is that??

    I gotta go feed my kids. Bash me all you want, I dont know what I just said. I just know that we need border security, reform, and people need to pull their heads out of their asses. The guy sitting next to you at the restaurant, talking to his wife in Spanish…you’re just mad because you dont know what hes saying & cant eavesdrop because you are bored. 😀

    Have a great day!

  • Heather Manning

    Beth, I love you chica! You pretty much feel exactly how I feel on everything.

    And ew on the goat’s head. I just had to edit this to post that. Gross!

    And no, I’m not better than you. I only speak 2 languages because my mom stuck me in the beginner’s Spanish class when I was 8 and I loved it. It came easy for me then. I’m sure if I tried to learn it now as an adult it would be much harder.

  • Heather Manning

    One more thing – to Allison – Car insurance is available for illegals. I know many that have license NO yet insurance YES. As long as they have a Mexican license they can get insured. They have to go a company that is willing to cover them and it is a little more expensive, but they can get insurance. There are lots of uninsured drivers out there who are Americans who are causing accidents, but that doesn’t get huge coverage unless someone is killed. Anything involving one illegal is magnified yet Americans do these things every day. Again, yes, being here illegally is not right, but where is the huge outrage for Americans who are doing these same things?

  • Beth

    I agree can get insurance in Texas, if you have a Mexican license..yet you arent able to drink if you dont have a Texas issued arent SUPPOSED to be able to. LOL

    As far as Spanish goes, I took Spanish 1 & 2 in high school, loved Spanish 1. My teacher learned Spanish by going to Mexico and Spain and learning..then came back and finished her degree in education. She was at my h.s. for 2 years..then was made to leave after 2 parents complained that their kids were not speaking “PROPER” Spanish…she was teaching us proper spanish, as well as the spanish we would use on a daily basis here in texas. My Spanish 2 teacher was a hardass..he was raised in Spain, native speaker. His Spanish was so much different than what we had learned in Spanish 1 that myself & a lot of other students were failing. I dropped his class the next semester, and remember very little Spanish now.

    Everyone knows how hard it is to get a job right now….here in Texas you are more likely to get a job if you are bilingual than if you only speak English. I have been passed over for jobs (as well as tons of other people) for which I was more qualified as far as job history & skills go..but the person who got the job could speak spanish & english……….that makes me mad. But on the otherhand..its becoming a necessity to speak both. I have no problem with people who speak spanish..i think its awesome..but i wish more people spoke i could converse with the woman at the store who obviously needs help, but doesnt speak enough english or me enough spanish for me to be of assistance.

  • Chip Monk

    I grew up in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950’s. On our block, heck – even in my own house there were families whom, when someone got mad, when quickly switch from English to Italian and nobody thought a thing about it. Nobody threw about accusations of the neighbors being illegal aliens. Ethnicity in the neighborhood was welcome, it was normal, it was one of the things that made Brooklyn a great place to grow up. It wasn’t until many years later when a job change made it necessary to move “down South” to Kentucky that I began to realize ethnic differences were no longer considered a blessing to a community. If you weren’t blonde-haired and blue-eyed and speak with such a long drawl conversations took twice as long as they did in Brooklyn, well, you just weren’t really seen as an American in their eyes. And if you didn’t look like an American then maybe you weren’t one, and who gave you the right to breathe the same air. I think many Americans forget the only real Americans are the native Americans and all the rest of us stand on equal ground as far as having a right to live in this great land is concerned. People’s ignorance and forgetfulness about what it means to be an American never cease to amaze me and I continually wonder what makes some of us think we have any more right to be here than our neighbors even if they do not look just like us and talk like us.

  • Gerri Phillips

    Just wanted you to know I love ya !

  • I agree with Chip – I found when I moved south that attitudes about diversity were VERY negative. I miss all my ‘ethnic’ friends from up north. Potlucks were more interesting, parties more fun, and my children were learning languages and cultural things that they no longer have access to.
    I’m sorry people are so provincial and un-educated. I’ve tried to learn Spanish twice as an adult, with little success. Yet people here don’t see a second language as an asset. We don’t have language instruction in our schools until HIGH SCHOOL! Way too late. I admire anyone who speaks two languages, you are way smarter than I am!

    Yes, illegal immigration is a problem, but only because we’ve made it that way. It seems to me that adults who came here as children committed no crime of their own, and should be allowed to naturalize barring any criminal activity. We need to allow more work visas, so people can work here without fear. We need to help Mexico become a place people WANT to live. None of this is easy or cheap, but it is humane and isn’t that the kind of nation we are? “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”?
    .-= JennW´s last blog ..Foto Friday – Gonna Wash that … =-.

  • Debbie

    read the blog and I agree on some points, disagree on others, but respect your opinion on both.

    Here is a little bit about my family for your readers. Oscar and I have been together 20 years, we have three beautiful girls. Isabel is 10, Sophia is 6 and Victoria is almost 4. I speak spanish fluently and we are raising the kids in a bilingual home. Oscar is not Mexican, but Savadoran. We know plenty of illegal’s (remember- we are from the Washington DC area and there illegal can mean Pakistani, Indian, Russian, French, Morrocan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Jordanian etc. Here in NC most folks equate illegal to a Mexican, doh! Some of the middle easterners we know actually came in through Mexico) We are both born again Christians. middle class. own our home. Oscar makes enough for me to stay at home. I am homeschooling our children.

    Oscar’s history on how he came to America is VERY different from Pato’s, but equally important and worth re-telling to anyone who asks. I am proud to be his wife and he is an awesome father. I love his family and he loves mine. not only is he legal, he pays taxes AND serves in the community through our church and just helping out when folks need it (translation, driving, making appointments, etc.) So, we are similar in a lot of ways, Heather.

    But we also differ in opinion in a lot of ways. Oscar and I share the opinion that our borders need to be protected, and people that come here without proper documentation are violating the laws put in place by the Federal Government. Sure, our system has made it VERY easy IN THE PAST to wiggle around the rules, but since the Patriot Act was set in place, things have changed. A lot of folks we know that are undocumented have actually gone back home. One cannot legally obtain a license, obtain benefits from social services, buy a home, and don’t forget the fines that are put on businesses who knowingly hire undocumented workers, so they just could not “make it work” and left. On the other hand, we do know folks who go and “buy” a social. Lord only knows where they get these from, but they do. Oscar has come across folks in his line of work who are drug dealers and try to buy cars in cash and take them back across the border. We also know men and women that are gang bangers. The mara. dangerous. and they kill, rape, and kidnap. (we are close to Durham) but we try to reach out and share the gospel with them anyway. so we do know folks who are knowingly breaking the law. and that stinks.

    I know you mentioned that the US has places set up to help the poor and homeless in the community. Soup kitchens, food banks etc. and I believe we are to show the love of Christ to all people, and I agree with you. But when it comes to supporting people who are not here legally with money that the government does not have, a line needs to be drawn. We do know women who come across the border to be able to have a baby here. Heck, I know anchor babies that are now in their teens. lots of them. lots and lots of them

    read here:

    The tough law that has been enforced in AZ is trying to stem the flow of illegal immigrants coming in through Mexico. I know Mexicans are the majority crossing the southern border, but if it will prevent terrorists from crossing as well, I am ALL FOR IT! We are in a different world than we were before 9/11. I was in DC on 9/11 & as you may remember, I lost my neighbor (who was puerto rican) in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon (she was Army).

    If Oscar or one of the kids were asked to show documentation that we were legal, it would be humbling, sure. As I read the law, one can only be asked for their documents if they are stopped, detained or arrested by a law enforcement officer. the racial profiling has been written out of the bill. So, if we knowingly break a law and are stopped and asked for documents, and we know we are abiding the law by having them on our person, then yes we will be fine with producing them. But these are the times we live in. I am willing to do that with an attitude of gratitude to our law enforcement officers who are trying to do their jobs.

    I know America was founded on the backs of immigrants. I know through my family tree where my ancestors came from, and it wasn’t Chicago, people. I am proud of my heritage. Oscar is proud of his heritage. I love this country and have relatives that shed blood fighting for me to have the freedom to sit and type this on your blog right now. God bless our men and women in uniform.

    My kids HAVE been teased, we HAVE been ridiculed, we are not a “normal” looking family, and some folks ARE racist here in the country of NC where we moved to better our lives and our kids lives. but it is ok. I don’t place my value in another persons opinion of me or us. We make it work and surround ourselves with loving friends and family.

    Everyone is going to have an opinion and on hot issues like this, it can get ugly. I am so sorry you have lost friends by expressing yourself. I am always interested in chatting with folks and learning about them. thanks for sharing your opinion 🙂 and allowing me to share mine.
    here are a couple of great links if your readers have time

    blessings, Debbie

  • Bobbie (OneScrappyMom)

    UGH! I hate racism and everything that has anything to do with it. I can’t believe that we (as a nation) have not become ONE. There is no reason to classify people into groups based on race, religion, sex, etc. I think everyone needs FAIR and equal treatment.

    On a different note, I do have neighbors that are Mexican and neighbors of other races. I find it dreadful when people say my neighborhood “is bad because of the Mexicans” and often go off on a rant. I can honestly say, they are the ONLY neighbors we have that are UNCONDITIONAL!! I’ve had them offer to help me when I needed to get out of the driveway and was stuck, they’ve helped change a tire, chase kids out of the yard when we are not home… and were are the rest of my neighbors? They could careless. I honestly believe the VAST MAJORITY of them are here for a better life. While alot in the US sucks, it’s a FAR better off country then alot of places. It’s not to say they wouldn’t go to Russia if they could… but being the OCEAN is an obstacle of even US, that’s not an option.

    I wish people would stop seeing in color and see in GREY. All people are beautiful!

  • (((hugs))) Heather.
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  • Tanitra Patterson

    It’s not fair to exploit a cartoon character all because the Arizona immigration law

  • It still astounds me that racism still exists in one form or another. Really we should all be looking after each other.


  • Everyone seems to love Dora. And now, she happens to be an Illegal Immigrant?

  • An illegal immigrant having a driver license ?!
    Racism is stupid and useless !