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I don’t know…… what’s the word I want?  Freakin’ cold outside?  See my project 365 picture for explanation on why my son has no hat and gloves on.

Poor kids.  I went out looking for something to take a picture of, the bus was late, and they were freezing.


Don’t you just want to say, come inside.  Mom will make you some hot chocolate and we’ll read books under the covers.  It’s too cold for school.

Mmmmm…. almost want to say it.  This close.  Go to school chica.  You’ll thaw out when you get there.  :)

Not a lot happened this weekend.  We stayed home and hibernated.

Although, Friday night I was ticked at that beautiful innocent face up there.  I was in my room nursing the baby to put him down for a nap at about 5. Alyce was laying down too, she was tired.  I didn’t hear anyone knocking on the door and I guess Jordan was in the bathroom.  Which makes sense because Jordan hides in the bathroom for 2 hours possibly primping his hair whenever I tell them to do something. (Seriously, we’re letting him grow his hair out because he’s been begging for it for awhile and that child spends more time on his hair than I do – not that it lasts, see exhibit A, picture above.)

We have a rule.  If mom is not in the living room, short people who live in this place are not allowed to answer the door.  They need to go to the door, yell, hold on, I’ll get my mom, and come get me.   That rule must have slipped Katiana’s mind because UPS comes knocking, she tells him, sorry, my mom’s busy. And he leaves.  WHAT?  She didn’t even tell me.  I opened the door for some reason, I think I was going to go do laundry and there’s a UPS note on the door.  I look it up online and there’s not one but 2 boxes.  Katiana said, yeah, one was a little box and one was a big box.

And you didn’t think to come get me?  Maybe?  Well, you were nursing Nano and I didn’t want him to wake up, so I told him you were busy.  DUDE, don’t ever touch that door knob again. EVER. A – you don’t know who is on the other side of it and you don’t know what they want.  B – I love the UPS man.  He brings goodies!  Now I won’t get them until Monday.  Evening.  That just stinks.

I actually sent Pato all the way down to the UPS center on Saturday, thinking they were open on Saturdays.  They aren’t.  Oops.

Now when it’s just me and Alyce, there is no problem with someone knocking on the door.  I could be nursing, I could be in the bathroom, I could be right beside her.  Child will wake the dead. MOM!!!  Somebo-eeee knocking on doooooooooor!!!!!  Trained her well.  We’ll see how long that lasts.

God forbid it might be someone that I don’t want to answer the door for.  Though, I don’t remember that ever happening, you never know, it could.

Today all I have planned is a trip to the store for apple juice and milk and maybe banging on a stainless steel drum, ok, probably no drum, just thought I’d give you a visual.  I know.  Don’t get too excited for me.  I’m wondering how long I can put it off because the wind is biting cold and Nano isn’t a big fan of not being able to breathe when we step outside the door.  Kinda makes him mad.  Eh, who needs juice and milk anyone.  We got water.

and Ricky Martin today –


That’s linked.

“The only words I can think of to describe what I’ve witnessed here today are that this is a living nightmare. The images that are now in my head will be impossible to erase,” said Martin. “Children and families impacted by this disaster will need long-term help restoring their lives—in every sense of the word. Every family is a family in need. I’m asking each of you to think about the future of the children. What they will need to survive after they are properly fed and have received appropriate medical care is a safe and decent home.”

He is such a neat person.

Check out the Ecstasy Unveiled blog tour.  I’m giving away 5 copies of the book here.

Also an ARTSCOW alert:

12″ x 18″ Canvas – $9.99 for the first and $6.99 for every other one.  I’ve gotten quite a few of their canvases and I love them.  They look gorgeous framed!

Coupon Code: 12X18CANVAS

Expiration Date: 02/14/2010

They make great presents.  I had 3 pictures of Pato’s family blown up from 4X6’s to 8X10 canvasses and he loved them.  I wanted him to be able to have a shrine to his family on our walls like I do, but he didn’t have any big pictures.  (I scanned them in at 600 DPI so I could blow them up without losing quality, I’m sure 300 DPI would have worked, but I didn’t want to have to do it again if it didn’t.) The one with his dad (who passed away 3 years ago this March) in it is in a prominent spot in our living room and we’ve gotten a lot of comments on how pretty it is as a canvas.

Have a great day!

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  • Kari~RDG

    You crack me up. Would you not answer the door if I knocked?

  • HeatherManning

    Depends – did I get a chance to clean up the living room first? ROFL