Discharged From Occupational Therapy

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Nano fall

Monday was Christiano’s last day of occupational therapy.  I know this is what he has been working for, but it was a bittersweet moment.  His therapist has been such a big part of his life (and mine) for the last two years.

He was upset when we were talking about discharging him.  We decided to call it a graduation party.  His therapist told him to think of his most favorite treat and she would bring that to celebrate.

He chose grapes.

All the chocolate in the world and my son chose grapes.  While I never would have made that choice, I was kind of proud of him. 🙂  It made me think of a Facebook post I had just made.


For birthday treats at school, they can only bring healthy treats (ie: fruits and veggies) or they can order the non-nutritional sugar filled stuff from the school.  What kid is going to say, “Hey mom! Can you grab me some carrots and ranch for my birthday?”  Obviously mine.  Well maybe not carrots and ranch, but most definitely grapes and broccoli.

Nano pumpkins

He lucked out too.  Not only did he get to have a graduation party, he got to do it in his pajamas with his blanket.  It was PJ and fort day at school.

We had such a good time at his party.  His therapist was there and so was a student following her.  His therapist had never seen Nano get the giggles like he had that day.  We played Trouble, he bent the rules, and then laughed and laughed.  I looked at her and said have you ever?  She said Never.

We decided that we would still get together over school breaks just so they could see each other and catch up.  I don’t think the realization that that was actually his last session hit him during the party.  I was glad because he truly was having a joyful day.  It was the perfect way to officially end OT.

His therapist has all of my gratefulness and thanks for all she is done and taught us.  He has come so far in the last 2 years, to the point that 85% of the time, most people wouldn’t know he is autistic.  She has given me so many ideas and tools to help him help himself.  It just was an amazing experience.

As I said in a previous post, he will still be going there for social group therapy, so this wasn’t completely good-bye, but it was a huge step for him.

I’m so proud of that kid.

If you are in Iowa and are looking for occupational therapy services or just services for kids who have special needs in general, I highly recommend Childserve.  They are amazing!

Have a wonderful day!

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