Dear Rockstar By Emme Rollins

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Dear Rockstar

The best things in life are crazy…
Sara is obsessed with rock star Tyler Vincent, and as she works to complete her senior year, she’s determined to find a way to meet him—although her best friend, Aimee, keeps telling her to find a different escape from her desperately violent home life.
Complications arise when Dale, the mysterious new transfer student, sets his sights on Sara, and she falls for this rock-star-in-the-making in spite of her better judgment. When Sara wins a contest, she is faced with a choice—travel to Tyler Vincent’s home town to meet him, or stay and support Dale in a Battle-of-the-Bands hosted by MTV.
Their triangulated relationship is pushed to its breaking point, but there is another, deeper secret that Dale’s been keeping that just may break things wide open…
Turn up your collar, feather your hair, and splash on some Polo, because we’re going back to the ‘80’s when MTV played music videos, there was no such thing as American Idol, and becoming a star meant doing nothing short of crazy for that one, big break.

Er-Mer-Gerd! Best book ever my friends! I cried. I did. Tears. They fell.

I suppose I should start with the prerequisite Dear FTC (wo)Man: I received this book in exchange for an honest review and boy was it good.

Emotional roller coaster.

Where do I start?  You can absolutely totally FEEL the heart that was poured into writing this book. You can feel the characters’ emotions: Dale and Sara, Sarah’s relationship with her step-father, and her love for Tyler Vincent. (Which BTW I get. I totally wall papered my walls, doors, and ceiling with Joey McIntyre from NKOTB. I did. Not ashamed to admit it. If I could get away with it with my husband, I’d totally do it now.)

I completely get that obsession.  Y’all know I don’t do spoilers over here, but I let myself fall into the same thing because of what was going on in my world as a teenager. Except nobody resembling Joey McIntyre showed up to take my breath away.

Maybe that’s why I completely got Sara. I understood that pain she was covering up.  When I tell you I was completely sucked into this book, I am not exaggerating.  I shoo’ed the kids away.  No interruptions children, mama is reading and mama is gonna finish this book tonight.

Dale.  Oh Dale Diamond.  You have been added to my shelf of book boyfriends.  Who doesn’t want to be loved like that?  That intensely. Completely and totally. It wasn’t in a stalkerish way.  It was in a soul mate, you complete me, you’re my other half kind of way.

I just answered a question in a Goodreads group about what do you not like in a hero or heroine.

I said –

I absolutely love my alpha males but I don’t like immature boys parading as alpha males that blow off the handle at anything. It’s one thing to protect your female, that’s hot, it’s another to beat the crap out of someone in her name pretty much unprovoked.

Dale was perfect.  He protected her when she needed to be protected. He was patient with her. He was loving. He was kind. I want a Dale.


Dear Rockstar was so full of emotion that I cried more than once. I’m not joking, near the end I would wipe away one set of tears just to read something else and another set would fall, then there were the happy tears.

Then there were the love scenes.  Hot. Perfect. Abso-freaking-lutely perfect.  Best that I have read in awhile (and I have read some good ones). There’s this one scene in a back room…read it.  You’ll know what I’m talking about. Definitely not for the young set. This is one for the grown women who want to swoon – a lot.

For my readers who need a HEA. There is one. Emme doesn’t leave you hanging. Perfect ending.

Emme – LOVED it!  You have been added to my favorite author list, one whose books I must snag the day they are released (or before if you need any more reviewers. Sign me up!). I cannot wait to dig into the one you share with us when we sign up for your newsletter!  Hint hint! You can get a taste of her writing just by signing up to get her updates. You want that taste. Believe me!

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