Deadly Redemption By Andrea Johnson Beck

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Deadly Redemption

Deadly Redemption is set to release July 17, in honor of Dr. Anne Montgomery’s birthday. A couple of weeks after the original release date but let’s give this woman a proper celebration since her last birthday she was almost murdered by her sociopathic ex. Anne deserves it!
Continuation from Deadly Deception (Book 1 in Deadly Series)
Something dark has been unearthed deep within the hidden confines of Anne’s soul. She feels it crawling from the inside out each time she is in the presence of her new husband, Carter Montgomery. He has swept Anne away from her life in Minneapolis and to the haunted streets of Savannah.
Carter forced Dr. David Lindsey to extract all memories of Anne’s fiancé, Adam Whitney from her mind leaving her at his mercy. But what he doesn’t know is that she is seeking redemption, no matter the consequences. Will Anne allow herself to lose who she is in order to save the ones she loves? Or will she become a monster like her husband.

I am a member of Andrea’s Deadly Street Crew and received an ARC to read.  Let me tell you how excited I was. Completely and totally stoked. Huge fan.

I have been waiting to read this since I finished reading Deadly DeceptionYou can read my review here.

I finally got my hands on it. Thank you Andrea!

This is one of those books I wanted to savor, take my time with, enjoy, because the third one isn’t going to be released tomorrow for me to grab.

I can’t read slow to save my life and sucked it down. 

Another absolutely amazing book from Andrea Johnson Beck. It was a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

In Deadly Deception we learned who the bad guy was but Andrea left us guessing for quite awhile as to whether it was Carter or Adam. 

In Deadly Redemption, we know going in that Carter is downright mad (crazy not angry – I guess both actually apply). There’s a twist with Dr. Lindsey that I didn’t see coming, completely the last thing I would have expected, and it fit perfectly.  Carter’s brother Michael, Anne’s driver Robert, all key characters in Deadly Redemption, but who can she trust?  I don’t think I’d be able to trust anyone in her situation.  I would, like her, be doubting everyone’s motives. 

Then there is Adam, the fiance I was kind of hoping was the bad guy in the first book, but who I now root for.  I just wanted Adam to whisk Anne away, but then she is risking people she loves.

When Adam came back on the scene I was literally posting on FB to Andrea I don’t know where to grrrr, sigh, or eek – all 3? when Adam comes in.  You can feel the tension between Carter, Adam, and Anne just by reading the words.

The whole book is like that. You can feel it as your reading.  It’s one of those books that makes you tense up, hold your breath, release it in a huge sigh, it’s that good.

The ending.

I won’t give you any spoilers because y’all know I don’t do spoilers, but I can tell you I was holding my breath, wouldn’t put my iPad down, and literally went “OMG Andrea” when it was over.

I need book 3.

I want to know how? how? how?

Or maybe the question should be who? who? who?

Deadly Redemption is definitely darker than Deadly Deception, there is the same suspense factor that we have come to expect, and Andrea’s twists that she throws in, like I said before, completely unexpected.

I love it when an author can surprise me.  I’ve read thousands of books in my 38 years on this Earth. It gets to the point where a lot of books are just predictable.  In the romance genre it’s girl meets guy, one destroys the others trust, then they can’t stay away from each other, reunite and live HEA. (Nothing wrong with that, I love my HEAs and sappy romance novels.) In horror books, you’re telling them don’t go there in there, don’t go in there, and they go in and get killed. It’s huge to me when a book surprises me. It doesn’t happen very often.

You must read Deadly Deception if you haven’t yet then get ready for Deadly Redemption on July 17! You will not regret getting drawn into this twisted world than Andrea Johnson Beck Created.

Amazing Andrea. Well done!

Thank you for letting me at an ARC before it was released.

If you haven’t watched Deadly Redemption’s video promo yet, do!  It’s good!

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  • Andrea

    Wow, thank you for the amazing review! I am so very happy that you enjoyed, Deadly Redemption. It means the world to me!

  • John @ Portland Maine

    Awesome… I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Deadly Redemption (just a couple more weeks). I too can’t read slowly. I can try, but it actually makes it worse for me. I just seem to sit down and rip through books in a matter of hours (really a couple days, but it seems like just a couple hours). Maybe a re-read of Deadly Deception in the week before I get the new book is in order!