Dancing In The Streets … On The Sidewalk

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Sunday Alyce had production and modern dance classes. Was that enough for her and her friend? No!

I was talking to my other Heather and we noticed that these two had put music on the phone and were going over their competition production and hip hop dances. Then they just started improv-ing, right in front of the studio.  (Alyce is in the black clothes.)

We just let them keep dancing because the good lord knows that it has been forever since we were able to sit and just chat.

They had so much fun just doing their thing.

To have that kind of confidence where you can stand out near the sidewalk and have no insecurities about just dancing is a gift.

Here is one of their improv sessions.

What is something you love watching your kids do, whether it be out in public or in those moments where they think no one is watching and they just let go.

Have a wonderful day!

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