Dance Pictures On Saturday

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Alyce had dance pictures on Saturday and while I don’t have her actually pictures yet, I do have some slightly forbidden pictures (forbidden cuz there were signs up all over not to take pictures which I honestly didn’t notice until after the fact AND I decided I could continue pretending that I hadn’t seen it since I already prepaid for $150 in pictures TYVM) from the photo shoot. 

I am obviously a horrible example for my children.

Back to the pictures.

Friday night I crimped her hair and then had her sleep in a silk sleeping cap to keep her head from rubbing against the pillow.  I used this crimper and if you would like to read my review of it, (it was amazing!) it is right here, Amazon verified purchase and all.  The review includes the products I used to protect her hair.  It was perfect for what I needed.

Now you know Alyce had crimped hair.  Why did I need to crimp her hair?  Because her ballet dance is to the Theme From Harry Potter.  Her teacher wanted their hair crimped to give them a Hermione Granger look.

I might be a tad biased but I think she is cuter than Hermione ever was in the movies. 🙂

In her Hermione cape. The pics from studio might be a bit blurry because I was taking them from across the room and then I zoomed in when editing them for lighting.

They are so stinking cute!  I left the studio with a big head after the owner of the studio came up to Alyce, grabbed her hair and said I LOVE this hair, and then half the moms asked me how I got her hair that perfectly crimped (lots of product and a little time – if I am spending that much money on pictures, she is going to be made up to look the part exactly like her teacher said).  THEN as we were walking by the picture table one of the ladies said Oh My God she is so pretty.

Telling you.  Big head.  I made sure to tell her on the way home how it is more important to be smart even though it does feel good to be told you’re pretty. 

Next up, tap costume.  This was such a cute moment.  One of my friends, the mom of one of the girls on Kat’s soccer team, has a daughter who is a senior this year, she is an amazing dancer.  She was in costume and up en pointe and Leecy copied her when I went to snap the picture.  I think she wants to be in toe shoes already as badly as I did at that age.

Her individual shot was fun.  How am I supposed to pick from all of these pictures when I go to order them?  (We prepaid a certain amount to get a 10% discount, we will get the link to order the actual pictures tomorrow I think.)

I think she was tired for this one.  She was zoning a lot but when it came down to snapping the pic, she was where she needed to be.

Last up was her hip hop pictures.  This one is really blurry. Sorry.  I had the hardest time tying those pants.  They showed it tied a couple of different ways in the costume pic, but the costume pic was missing so we all tired it however we could to keep the pants cinched up to the knees.

She loves having her picture taken.  Loves it.  My other daughter, Katiana is just as beautiful, but she would rather be running and playing soccer than dancing and having her picture taken.  She doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

Aren’t all so cute?  I think the hip hop pictures are going to be my favorite just because of the black and red costume against the white background.  It looked really good in person.  I cannot wait to see how they came out.

Her first picture time was at 10:30, we had to be there at 10, her last picture time was at 4:20, so it was a long day.

It got even longer once I finally got home but that is a story for another post. 

Have a great day!

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