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UPDATED 10/17/13: My blog is now completely NO FOLLOW.  Blame Google.  They are mean.  Sorry Google, I’m just sayin’. You are.  And bossy too.

I now use Disqus for my blog comments.  Sign in however you would like.

  • You MUST use your name or online name.
  • No Keywords (anymore) – again – Google is mean
  • Links to incomplete sites, suspicious sites, blatant affiliate sales sites or Google unfriendly sites will be removed.
  • NO SPAMMY COMMENTS such “Bookmarked for future reading”, “Great site. Good article” and the rest of them are not allowed.  Show me you actually read my posts please.
  • Don’t waste your precious time and mine.
  • Comment regurgitation is not allowed on my blog.
  • Comments not written in proper form/grammar or with misspelling may be deleted or edited for readability sake.
  • Finally for me to believe that your comment is not spam, you MUST make reference to something written within the post.

I would like to thank Justin at Dragon Blogger for reminding me about the importance of having a comment policy in these spammy times.

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