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Gift cards are how I keep track of how much I spend on books a month. If I added $20 to my gift card, once that balance is gone, I am done buying books for the month.
If an Amazon link is in a post, it is an affiliate link. Other relationships will be stated if there is one.
If you have shopping to do on Amazon, click on their logo below. It won't charge you anything, but it helps keep this site up and running and pays for the giveaways I do here and on my Facebook page. Thank you!

UPDATED 10/17/13: My blog is now completely NO FOLLOW.  Blame Google.  They are mean.  Sorry Google, I’m just sayin’. You are.  And bossy too.

I now use Disqus for my blog comments.  Sign in however you would like.

  • You MUST use your name or online name.
  • No Keywords (anymore) – again – Google is mean
  • Links to incomplete sites, suspicious sites, blatant affiliate sales sites or Google unfriendly sites will be removed.
  • NO SPAMMY COMMENTS such “Bookmarked for future reading”, “Great site. Good article” and the rest of them are not allowed.  Show me you actually read my posts please.
  • Don’t waste your precious time and mine.
  • Comment regurgitation is not allowed on my blog.
  • Comments not written in proper form/grammar or with misspelling may be deleted or edited for readability sake.
  • Finally for me to believe that your comment is not spam, you MUST make reference to something written within the post.

I would like to thank Justin at Dragon Blogger for reminding me about the importance of having a comment policy in these spammy times.

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