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ComeHereGoAway Part 1
Come Here, Go Away part 1 by Lori L Clark

Title: Come Here, Go Away
Author: Lori L. Clark
Genre: Romantic Suspense

What It's About

Welcome to the five-week long reading experience of a new serial novel titled:


What is a serial novel? It is one, long saga, told episodically. COME HERE, GO AWAY is a very steamy, angsty, emotionally charged and flawed romance between a feisty self-defense instructor and a jaded billionaire who may or not be responsible for the death of his ex-wife. It will be told over a five-week period, each installment available every Friday, beginning January 2, 2015 for the low, low price of 99c for each episode!
Follow along with Tori and Ambrose in real time during the first five weeks of their roller-coaster-ride of a romance.
COME HERE, GO AWAY is the story of the steamy, screwed-up romance between Victoria “Tori” Isley and Ambrose Flynn. A couple of complete opposites brought together when Flynn–a smoking hot billionaire–hires Tori to train his daughter in self-defense.
Flynn was accused of hiring a hit-man to kill his ex-wife due to their bitter divorce and custody battle. Though Flynn was acquitted, the killer was never found and some still insist he’s guilty. His daughter moved back home with him, and now, Flynn’s convinced someone is going to kill her. Flynn maintains he had nothing to do with his ex-wife’s murder and believes it was motivated by revenge. When Flynn hires Tori to give his daughter private lessons in self-defense at his mansion. Sparks fly!

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Expected Release:

First Installment – January 2, 2015

Second Installment – January 9, 2015

Third Installment – January 16, 2015

Fourth Installment – January 23, 2015

Final Installment – January 30, 2015


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Take A Taste

“I chose you, Victoria, because I like the way you move. That and we have a lot in common.”

My forehead creases. “Meaning?”

“We were both accused of murdering our respective spouses,” he whispers.

I gasp at his boldness. “Yes, but I was found not guilty. It was self-defense.”

He presses against me, burying his nose in the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply. “I was also found not guilty.”

“I-I think it would be a good idea if we kept our relationship on a professional level,” I stammer quietly.

“I agree,” he says as he nibbles on my ear lobe.

My blood is on fire. I want him to do bad things to me, and the way I feel right now, that includes everything that doesn’t involve clothing. Just as I toy with the idea of locking my ankles around his waist, his phone buzzes, bringing me back to reality.

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I started Come Here, Go Away not knowing exactly what to expect.  Lori L. Clark is a new to me author (and fellow Iowan – or at least she was until she moved, you guys know I’m always excited to find an author from Iowa or with roots in Iowa) and I was excited after reading the blurb to jump into this serial.

In part 1, I was completely engrossed right off the bat, not quite certain of whether Flynn could be trusted (I’m still not sure, but I really want to).

Tori reminded me a lot of myself a couple of decades ago. The title Come Here, Go Away would have perfectly described me and my relationships with a couple of men.  I have had more than my share of abusive relationships in my younger days, it was a circle that needed to be broken by me.  I completely understood the idea behind the title, behind Tori’s actions.

Spoiler alert on my life since I gave some of my background, older, smarter me has a wonderful husband who has never laid a hand on me.  I’m really hoping Tori finds a relationship similar to that as we work our way through this serial.

The ending left me with my mouth hanging open, saying wha?????

Lucky me, I had part 2 and jumped right in.

4 stars!

Thank you so much for my copy of Come Here, Go Away Part 1


I don’t want to go in to too much detail with part 2 because I still don’t know where I stand on Flynn.  In one moment I think he is awesome.  In the next I am like back away, hold up the sign of the cross, and run far away from a man like that.  See how the title plays on that?  I love how the title is working throughout this series.

I still really like Tori and want the best for her, but am really hoping that she has some light bulb moment, aha! This man is good for me.  or Aha!  I need to stay far away from him.

I sped through this one, really wanting to know where we were going with these two.  How much will Tori put up with and how much will Flynn disclose?  Not enough for me man.  I need more.

Part 2 ended again with a humongous cliffhanger.

Lucky me, I had part 3.

4 stars!

Thank you so much for my copy of Come Here, Go Away Part 2!


Gah!  I sped through part 3 too fast and I don’t have part 4.  I suck.  I was dying to know what Flynn would say about how part 2 ended.  Of course he had the right words.  Don’t they all?  But are they the truth?  I have no idea man.

I got to say, little loss of respect for Tori here over a decision she made regarding Rose.  I felt like it was one of those adults trying to be friends with a kid moments, when we should be acting like an adult, making adult decisions.  I don’t even want to know what Flynn’s reaction to this is going to be.  It’s probably going to be scary.  (I really do want to know.)

That decision she made led to the cliff hanger of book 3.

And now I wait.

How are these 2 going to get out of this mess they are in?

I don’t know.

I want to know.

I need part 4.

4 stars!

Thank you so much for my copy of Come Here, Go Away Part 3.

All in all, an excellent start to this serial and I am dying for the next part.  I must know what happens next! 😀

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Meet The Writer

Lori L Clark currently resides near St. Louis, MO with her only child … a five-year-old Min Pin named Barkley.

When Lori isn’t writing, she’s listening to the voices in her head, waiting for the next creative inspiration to hit. She also loves to read and dabbles in watercolor painting.


Lori L. Clark

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