Clik StiK Pro Selfie Stick Review

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Clik Stik Pro on Amazon


Clik Stik Pro 2015 Selfie Stick with Bluetooth

Plug and Play Clik Stik Pro is so simple to use, simply enable your phones bluetooth functionality and pair with the Clik Stik pro and get clicking with the simple one button capture function.

Comfortable and Compact Clik Stik Pro has a comfortable ergonomic silicone handle, which makes it less likely to slip out of your hand during use.

The silicone phone U-shape clamp also ensures your phone is safe and is compatible with most phones with its adjustable width of 45-85mm.

Measuring only 7 inches when retracted it fits comfortably in your pocket or handbag. When fully extended it measures 31 inches to allow to capture the best shots.

Functionality and Design Clik Stik Pro has been designed for ease of use as well as great design.

When in use it has a turn screw to lock the phone clamp into the desired position to get the best angled shots, which is adjustable up to 270 degrees.

It also comes with a wrist strap in the unlikely event that you let go of the handle to ensure your phone is safe at all times.

The extendable telescopic pole made of stainless is steel can be adjusted to your desired length to give you as little or extra reach for your shots.

Why Clik Stik Pro? Purchasing Clik Stik Pro couldn’t be simpler with our NO QUIBBLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Please Note: Refer to the simple directions included in this listing of how to use the Clik Stik Pro



I did not know I wanted a selfie stick until I saw a couple of girls on stage at dance awards with one taking pictures of themselves and of the crowd.  I thought how fun would that be for my 8 year old when she is on stage?

The Clik Stik pro arrived promptly after I ordered it (at a discount to facilitate this review) and after I opened it and my children realized what I had in the box I immediately heard how it was each of theirs and the reasons they need it more than their siblings.

Hello, this is mom’s selfie stick. 


My 16 year old cracked me up.  He is the king of making fun of people with selfie sticks but the clik stik went missing this weekend, suspiciously enough, he is with my sister and brother in law having a fun weekend boating, camping, and hitting the drive in movie.  I don’t suppose my selfie stick being MIA is a coincidence?

The stick is simple to set up.  As long as it has a bit of a charge you can use it right out of the box.  I had enough power to mine to take a few pictures after connecting to my phone via blue tooth.  Other than the connecting part, I really didn’t get a chance to set it up myself.  My 2 oldest had it in their hands and connected to their own camera (when they took it from their sibling) in seconds.  I did get to take a few pictures that day after receiving it…from my 11 year old daughter’s phone because she had it connected and her phone attached… and it worked great, push the button, picture is taken.  You can take the picture from just about any angle by adjusting the part that holds the phone, rotating it (by adjusting your arm and how you’re holding it), extending it as far or as little as needed, it’s a great little tool for picture taking.


I have so far found it in the possession of 3 of my children, in 2 of their rooms, and in one bed where my daughter was using it to hold her phone up for a facetime conversation because her hand hurt (she couldn’t switch hands because her other hand is casted she broke it, her hand, not the selfie stick).  We now know from this that it is not only easy for an adult to use but that it is easy for children at least down to 8 years old to use (the 8 year old has an older iphone she uses as an iPod, not set up as a phone).  The 6 year old is the only one who hasn’t attempted yet, but seeing as he can run both the PS3 and the Amazon Fire TV better than I can, I am pretty sure the selfie stick would not defeat him.

This is definitely something I will have packed in the dance suitcase for my 8 year old to use during awards at competitions.

Fun to have, easy to connect, simple to use for better photos of you and your friends or you and whatever is in your background (or to hold up for a facetime convo), my family loves this!


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