Character Building Academy Graduation

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Jordan graduated from CBA last Friday.  I was such a proud mama!

He made me cry.


There’s this video that they make that shows what the boys have gone through the last 2 weeks.  The first time he spoke, I’m not sure what the question was but his answer was, “My mom, because she teaches me self respect.” I didn’t know he realized that was what I was doing all this time. 🙂

The second time they were saying what they learned or thanking someone.

Jordan said, “I want to thank my mom for making me come to Character Building Academy again.  I understand now why you made me do it.”

I love that kid.

He makes me so proud.

(I should explain that I don’t send Jordan to CBA because he is a problem child, most of the kids aren’t, though there are always a couple who are court ordered to attend. I send Jordan because of the physical training, because of the boost to his self esteem it gives him, because it teaches him how to deal with bullies, because he learns how to be a leader and a man, it teaches him how to respect himself and others {like his mama}. It’s amazing program!)

On to the pictures –


The back – I love the motto

The cadets as they came in
Jordan is top row – 2nd face you can see

Most of the instructors and the mayor of Waukee
all the way at the end of the first row

Lt. Mapes of the Waukee PD

Jordan’s pic in the video – I lied – I cried 3 times at this point
My mom ordered me this picture and a group shot.
Thank you mom!!!!

Receiving his certificate, challenge coin, and eagle statue

Proud of himself as he should be – it’s a tough program

Jordan and my niece Taylor – cousins 7 months apart
Taylor starts her 2 weeks at CBA today – they keep the girls and boys separate.

He ended up losing another 15 pounds he said during these last two weeks.  I’m sure the 8 mile mud run knocked half of that off on it’s own.  I just pray that he keeps up the working out over the summer and into the school year this time.  I want him to feel as good about himself this fall when he goes back to school as he did last year.

Next mud run is Taylor’s!  I can’t wait to watch again this year.  Last year, her first year, she was chosen to receive the leadership award.  I bet she does it again this year.  I was hoping Jordan would be up for it this year, but he spent a lot of time doing push ups because he would not get out the door on time most days.  There is always next year. 🙂

Have a great day!

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  • kamoons

    I love this post. Tell Jordan (again) how proud I am of him for making it through! So proud!