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Some Easter Fun!

Happy Easter!

I hope it has been wonderful!

Ours has been a fun family filled day. The girls got me up early to hunt for their eggs. We had to talk nano into getting up for it. Then we were off to church.

If you live near me, I so recommend visiting Fusion Church. Pastor Jeff and his wife are absolutely amazing wonderful people! The worship part is always so … I can’t find the word, powerful is the closest I can come too and his sermons always seem to hit home to me with something that is going on in my life right then.

I’ve started taking notes on my iPad instead of on paper (Pastor Jeff, just in case you thought I was playing angry birds, I promise I am taking notes) and if I could find a way to link that section of Evernote up here publicly, I’d share them.

The kids got to do an Easter egg hunt and came out with more stuff than they had in their baskets at home, I swear.

It was another amazing service! Thank you Pastor Jeff and Tracy!

I was so happy to see my dad had gone out and gotten my grandma to come to church with us and then he took her back to their house for some family time.

We filled over 100 eggs yesterday for the kids to find at mom and dad’s house today and they had a blast doing it.

On top of Easter, we were celebrating Katiana’s birthday and both of my brothers. Steve’s birthday is today and Josh’s is the 23rd. His family is heading to Disney world then, so we wanted to do it now.

I’ll leave you with some pics!

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