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My Kids Favorite Essential Oil Recipes For The Diffuser

edensgarden oils
My Essential Oils Recipes Made With Eden’s Garden Essential Oils

I have always been one who prefers the natural or holistic approach before I reach for conventional medicine.  I keep dozens of different dried herbs on hand and I’ve always kept a few essential oils here (tea tree oil and juniper berry oil are two that I have always in my cabinet).  I don’t shun traditional medicine, I just know that we overuse antibiotics and are creating super bugs.

Sharing The Love: Blogs I Read And Follow

Sharing The Love

I thought while I was going through my email updates that I would share the blogs I read and love.

The Perfect Quinceañera Dress

Katiana is only 9, yet she is already looking for the perfect dress for her Quinceañera. She has been since the Austin & Ally episode where Ally’s best friend had her Quinceañera.  She asked me what that was and thought, hey we better get planning, it is only a few years away.  If you don’t know what La Quinceañera is, here you are: