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Happy New Years Digiscrapping Freebie

One of my friends on Facebook had asked if I’d seen any New Years digital scrapbooking kits out.  I found a few (if you have one, link us to it in the comments!  She’s still looking!) and thought, it’s been forever since I designed.  I want to make something.  I’m still into doodling doodling doodling, so I made some doodles for you guys to use if you’d like.

New Cafepress stuff

I totally forgot I had my Cafepress store.  How bad is this?  I got an email this morning that said, you’ve got Cafepress cash, what are you going to do with it?  I was like huh?  I sold something?  I went and looked, I said quite a few somethings.  Do they highlight products every once in awhile?  They must have because I sold multiple copies of this –