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My Kids and a Freebie, of course

Guess what Alyce is saying?  She’s such a good girl.  This all started when she got her shots a couple of weeks ago.  She was crying, and she started saying, ma ma through her tears.  Now, I know, I know she’s just babbling.  But, I got excited everytime she said it, and yesterday we were sitting outside, she was in her walker, and I was reading a magazine.  I heard her saying, mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, and looked at her, and she said, mmmm, mmmmm, ma ma, and then smiled all big at me.  So cute!  So, I got all excited and said, ma ma!  And she smiled again and said, mmmmm, mmmm, ma ma!  All day yesterday she continued, and she’d look at me when she would say it.  She would get so happy when I would get all excited.  Now, who knows if she knows she knows she is calling me when she says mama, but I LOVE it!  My first child who didn’t start out babbling, da da. 

The Baby Shower Present Catastrophe, Scary, I’ve Been a Busy Bee, and of course, a Freebie!

I was so mad yesterday!  I told you all the presents Pato got for my cousin for her shower.  I loaded up the kids, ran through McDonald’s on the way out, and continued on my way.  I went around the corner, and Pato’s cup holders STINK!  – Doesn’t help that Mcy D’s, didn’t put the lid on my glass right.  You can see where this is going right?  The glass tipped, the lid popped off, and the glass spilled all over the floor, which is where the bag with my present was sitting.  It got all over it.  The robe had Mr Pibb all over it, the card was soaked, but I was able to save the other 2 from disaster.

Well, That Didn’t Work – And Freebie War

Remember I posted yesterday that my mom was taking Katiana (my 3 year old) last night?  Well, she came and got her.  Kat was ready to go (about 6 HOURS before Grandma got here), she had her little dress on, and her hair in a pony, and she packed her little suitcase with her clothes and some my little ponies, and all of her bob the builder trucks (she’s not always a girly girl LOL), and her gameboy.  She kept picking up her suitcase and going to the sliding glass door, when is grandma gonna be here???  I think we called grandma 4 times.  LOL