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I’m a Goofball and lots of stuff + New Products!

Ok, so I went 5 days without internet right, called Qwest 3 times complaining that my return label wasn’t here yet.  Went to the library trying to upload my products.  Went up to borrow my neighbor’s modem.  It wouldn’t work either.  I was flipping out, Pato came over and said, um, that’s the wrong cord.  GRRRR.  I had the phone cord plugged in the whole time, not the cord that goes from the wall to the modem.  I am so mad at myself.

A little of everything & a Freebie

We went to Super Target yesterday, I could not find the shirt that I wanted anywhere.  They did not have it.  So, I suffered and got a shirt that I cannot find a pic of to show you.  It’s black with a really deep v – like, I may need a safety pin, and there is lace along the v – actually, there is like a double layer v, the outside doesn’t have lace, the inside does, like a peek a boo thing, a heck, I’ll take pictures at the party.  LOL

MMMMM Yummy!

I don’t have a freebie for ya’all today because well, I’m getting ready for my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary thing tonight.  We 4 kids are cooking dinner for them.  Actually, grilling, but we’re making it for them. 

Not a lot and a Freebie

Well, I had fun taking pics yesterday, and I’m saving most of them for layouts if I shared now, they’d all be duplicates for you!  But, since I haven’t posted a decent pic of my new haircut, I thought I’d show you guys a pic that Jordan took of me.  Not bad for an 8 year old.