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51gZvl1Bq9L._SL500_AA246_PIkin2,BottomRight,-8,34_AA280_SH20_OU01_ Burial To Follow by Scott Nicholson

When Jacob Ridgehorn dies, it’s up to Roby Snow to help his soul move along to its proper reward. Roby can only accomplish this through the means of a very special pie. And Roby must complete his mission, or face down Johnny Divine, with his own soul at stake.

Awesome awesome book! Just what I’ve come to expect from Scott Nicholson.

I have this habit of trying to picture different scenarios in my head as I’m reading to see where an author is going with the storyline.  Then I get my aha! I thought that was going to happen somewhere down the road. 

I had no idea where Scott was going when I started this and I couldn’t figure it out until I read it when I got to that point in the story.  I hope Scott takes this as a complement when I say this book was so strange, but a great strange.  I knew there was something going on with the food because Roby was fixated with food, but I never would have guessed what actually was behind the food.  This was one of those, keep turning the page (or clicking the next button on my Kindle), don’t put it down until you’re done type of books. 

This book starts out at the sitting for Jacob Ridgehorn and continues on through the viewing and the funeral.  All of it revolving around Roby and the food and his thoughts on proper funeral procedure, which was actually kind of interesting.  Tell me you haven’t done it?  Been in a somber situation, not able to believe the behavior of some who are there?  He does give them leeway in his mind because they are grieving.

He sits through the bickering and manages to get everyone to eat the pie.  What’s in the pie?  I can’t tell you.  You will never ever think of it yourself though. 

I said this in my review of The Red Church, but I’ll say it again. Scott Nicholson reminds me of some of the greats, Stephen King, Dean R Koontz, etc.  This reminded me of some of Stephen King’s shorter story.  Not in the writing style, because that is all Scott’s wonderful style, but in the suspense category.  His stories are full of so much detail, you can easily picture it in your head, you can smell the food, see the congealed grease around the ham, the marshmallows on the sweet potato pie (I’m never eating pie at a funeral again, thank you very much Scott. 🙂 ) This is just another great read from Scott Nicholson.

If you have a Kindle or e-reader, you can grab this for – wait for it, you’re not going to believe how much this costs.  99 cents.  That’s it.  Go download it for yourself on Amazon.  You won’t regret it!

Follow Scott on Twitter @hauntedcomputer and on Facebook!  Plus, check out his website, there is lots of fun stuff over there!


Thank you so much to Scott Nicholson for providing me with an e-book copy of Burial To Follow!  Loved it!

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