BOB – Built Of Barnwood by the Somerhalder Brothers

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Built Of Barnwood

There are not a lot of celebs who fight for the environment like Ian Somerhalder does. And it turns out that passion flows through the Somerhalder family. Meet the Somerhalder brothers.

All photos from Built of Barnwood

Bob and Ian Somerhalder

What is BOB?

BOB is a collaborative effort between two multi talented brothers. Built of Barnwood is based in the charming coastal town of Bay St Louis Mississippi. They are focusing on reclaiming, recycling and re-purposing vintage wood and building materials. Once reclaimed they are turned into usable artwork, home furnishing and design accent pieces. Together Bob Somerhalder and Ian Somerhalder strive for a greener more sustainable economy. With this green desire in mind, they have launched a clean and sustainable business that is a hot and trendy product line for home decor and furniture.

Mama Somerhalder done good with her boys, didn’t she?

In fact, according to their Facebook post last night, she also was out helping make the Ian crosses that are in such high demand.

I ordered mine last night. Aren’t these gorgeous?


I begged politely for mine in yellow. I had just ordered my red one when they posted that they now had them in yellow. Literally, just ordered it. If you order one, the yellow isn’t listed yet, you just have to put on your Paypal invoice that you want it in yellow. (Added Note: they posted on Facebook that they are now offering international shipping. So for those of you outside of the mainland USA, you can now get yours too! Just purchase your item and they’ll invoice you for the remaining shipping amount.)

They don’t just have crosses, there is some gorgeous framed wall art up for sale right now too.


They also are showing trays, plaques, and tables. I am waiting for those to be listed. Could you imagine how gorgeous one of their tables would turn out to be?

Normally, I don’t spend a lot of money on decorations. Those who know me know that I tend to be rather thrifty (no cheapskate comments from the peanut gallery please), plus, why buy new when you can DIY (you should see my pinterest do-it-yourself section with upcycling projects I want to do), or you can hit a thrift store or garage sale and find some awesome things that no one else you know has, and you’re not using anymore resources to decorate your home. I also tend to use our local ReUseIt Network both for finding things I love for my own home and for getting rid of things I don’t need any,ore.

This though, I was happy to buy. An upcycled product, that looks gorgeous, and is supporting one of my top charities (IS Foundation). I say that was money well spent.

Watch for a giveaway sponsored by me coming up next month. I plan on buying another one of the crosses to giveaway here on my blog to help increase awareness for Built Of Barnwood. (Not that they need my exposure with all of Ian’s twitter followers, he has a just a few more than I do. 🙂 )I just have to wait for that paycheck to get here so I can buy it. Can’t wait to see green for earth day!)

In the meantime, head over to BOB and check out the awesomeness they have up for you to buy! I’m thinking awesome Mother’s Day gift idea for any mom, not just those who are glued to the TV every Thursday night waiting for Vampire Diaries to start!

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Built Of Barnwood
IS Foundation
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Dear Mr(s) FTC (wo)man: I received no compensation for this post. I wasn’t asked to post anything. This is me supporting a very cool business all on my own, full disclosure and all. 🙂

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  • Its an interesting article on Built Of Barnwood, Heather. I will be waiting for giveaway sponsored by you coming up next month.

  • I love things made out of recycled and reclaimed wood — it’s good that reusing saves the environment, but I buy such pieces for their rustic charm. I wish more celebrities would follow Somerhalder’s example and publicize such efforts. Might get more people on the bandwagon.