Beyblade Party

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Oh my son waited and waited and waited for this.  He was so happy when I moved it up so that instead of being with Mikayla’s birthday party, we did it with Cambria’s birthday party.  You see, there are so many birthdays in our family in September, it was easier to combine them than have everyone get together another time for another event, plus, it gave the older kids something to do while we adults socialized.

Jordan has loved beyblades for many many years.  He’s 11 now, but he got his first few when he was 5.  He begged and begged and begged some more as I sat there asking, what in the world are beyblades?  I grabbed him some finally.  We brought them home and for the life of me, I could not get them put together.  Pato was at work and Jordan couldn’t/wouldn’t wait, so he took his little stash of beyblades down to our neighbor’s apartment.  His friends’ dad put his together in no time at all.

I actually think they are fun to play with.  Jordan and I have had many battles against each other.  As the other kids got older, they get involved and like to play too.  There is something about a spinning top that every child loves.  Have one made out of metal with a rip cord that makes it spin forever and they are in heaven.

So, on to the party!

The decorations….Cambria was turning one, hence the girly colors.  She’s not too concerned with Beyblades yet.

September-54Some of the food – I love cheese dip.  Those are little smokies in bar-b-que sauce in the back.  I hate bar-b-que sauce, I didn’t partake.

September-59On to the fun!  The party was supposed to be for 14 kids, and I am so glad that we just invited cousins to the party.  There was only 5 beyblades sent.  Usually when we have a party there is enough to go around to each kid, I would have hated to disappoint anyone.  There was also a set of cds that came with the party, but none of them worked, so above is what the kids actually got to play with.


After a bit of squabbling over who got to take a turn, they got down to business and had a blast with the beyblades.  Jordan was quite picky about which Beyblade would be his.  He wanted the one that defeat the most opponents.  And he did.  He beat all of us.  Even me.  And he’s so modest about it too.  🙂


Jordan helping Carter put his Beyblade together. You know, I was worried that these would be too hard for my little 3 year old nephew, but after a couple of times watching me put the rip cord in and having him pull it, he was able to do the rip cord part by himself.  2 Days later he was putting the Beyblade into the launcher and inserting the rip cord.  Child rocks.  He’s a boy’s boy.  He loves anything for boys cars, trucks, and now beyblades.  He’s also a determined little guy, when he wants to figure something out, he does.


Carter and Taylor – Taylor is helping Carter here.  One would think I had more pictures, but the kids were running around so much that a lot of them came out blurry, and you know how much I hate pictures that don’t come out well.




Solo blade

All in all, it was a blast.  We decided to split the beyblades up between Carter and Jordan, since they were the ones most interested in them.  Plus, they each got coupons to get some more.  They really aren’t that expensive $5-8/each.  With the coupon and a buy one get one sale that you can find sometimes, it works out well.  I think Shelley is going to grab some more for Carter for Christmas. I’ll probably get some more for Jordan for Christmas.


Thank you to House Party and Spinmaster for sending for us the box of Beyblades!

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