Are You A Summer Scheduler Or A Freer Spirit?

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chalk drawings

We all parent how we parent and I am one of those moms who flies by the seat of her pants (which is really hard when you mix one kid with ADHD and one with autism who actually need a schedule).

While my girls have dance classes for 6 weeks out of the summer and Nano has soccer at the beginning and end of summer, I rarely plan anything else.  Maybe it’s my parents and the way they raised us that has me encouraging my kids to entertain themselves for a bit.  Don’t look to me to entertain you 24/7.   I mean isn’t this why you have siblings?  (Kidding!)  If they come to me with “I’m bored” I will happily find something for them to clean.  (I haven’t heard I’m bored at all this summer yet and we are over a month in.)

Maybe it’s because I have four kids and am not the wealthiest mom on the block?  I make sure they all are able to do the things they truly want to do from competition dance, to soccer, to the clarinet and show choir.  Maybe it’s because I have quite a few kids and have to get them all from point A to point B and preferably back to point A again.  I have them each do one activity to stay active, my girls dance, my youngest plays soccer, and my 18-year-old is pretty much exempt from sports because of 3 head injuries and his knee surgery back in October.  When all four of them are in multiple activities outside of school, with my husband’s hours I have to call in grandparents and aunts and uncles because things happen at the same time.  Maybe it’s because during the school year, when everything is going full steam ahead, I just look forward to that time of year where I can sit and veg, sleep in, and leave the house when we want to.

We spend a lot of the summer relaxing, hanging at the pool, reading, watching some TV, with some sporadic extra fun thrown in (painting rocks to hide, movies in the park, etc.)

I just am not a rigid schedule kind of person.

That’s why you’ll see my youngest two laying out on the sidewalk with the chalk, just lazing the day away sometimes.

That moment in the picture made me smile.  Instead of asking to use their electronics or whining that they were bored, they went outside and found something to do with each other.  No fighting, no arguing, just hanging out and drawing some pictures.

How about you?  Do you need a schedule the way I need to not have one?  Or are you more like me?

Have a wonderful day!

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