Another Clarinet Player In Our House

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Freshmen me playing the clarinet

First, there was me (closest to the camera), you can see my clarinet at the bottom of the picture.  I think that was taken freshmen year.  The girl sitting beside me is still my best friend after all of these years.  (Twenty-nine years of friendship right there.)  I was going to give my clarinet to Katiana when she started to play but then I got all sentimentally attached to it.  You see my grandma bought it for me.  I don’t have much left from my grandma and I cherish that clarinet.  I don’t want anything to happen to it.  So I bought Katiana a used wood one at a local rent to own place.

Katiana Solo

Then came Katiana on her clarinet.  I was so proud she wanted to play the same instrument as I did.  She’s been a little frustrated because she fell behind a bit when she broke her thumb.  She wanted to quit after this last year, but I’m making her give it a go again at my school (the school I work at) this year.  The band instructor emailed me and said that the 7th grand band teacher said that Katiana wasn’t playing this year and that she should be.  She is signed back up for band.   Yesterday in the car she sounded almost excited again about playing.  I’m glad I insisted that she keep going.

After buying Jordan a trombone and him quitting after 6th grade, I told the kids if I buy you an instrument, you are not just playing for a year or two and giving up.  Sorry.   Too much money down the drain.   She had done three years up to this point.  I still think she should go on.

Alyce clarinet

Now we have Alyce on clarinet.  She was so excited yesterday when Pato came home with her own.  He took Katiana with him to look at a clarinet on Craig’s List and then bought it.  It’s plastic ($180 – they asked $250 and agreed to less vs the $500 we paid for Katiana’s).  I played it for a bit.  The tone is good, I don’t hear a major difference between her’s and Kat’s.  I’ve never actually played a plastic clarinet, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Not bad, especially for the price.   It would have made more sense to go this route with Katiana, only because of how much time the instrument spends outside when you get to the high school level and marching band.  I told Alyce if she decides she wants to be as serious with the clarinet as she is with dance, that I’ll buy her a wood one when she gets older.

She had already (with the help of her sister’s book one) taught herself how to play row, row, row your boat.  She also taught her little brother how to play that same song, all done last night.

To think I tried to talk her out of playing the clarinet, I tried to talk her into the trumpet (the other instrument the band instructor recommended for her).  I don’t know why, I think it was more for variety amongst my kids.  She held firm though and wants to continue the tradition of playing the clarinet.

We now have 3 clarinets and 3 clarinet players in my home.

Funny, my niece also plays the clarinet.

I’m hoping that Nano decides to go with percussion.  Only because when I watch him on the percussion instruments at school during concerts, he is meticulous about the beat.  Everyone else may be off, but he is counting with his whole body and watching the teacher closely for when to come in.  I think he would be fabulous with it.

What instruments do you and your kids play?  Do your kids all play the same?  Or are they each on a different instrument?

Have a wonderful day!


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  • Kathy Manning

    And the tradition continues! So happy for your family! Can’t wait to hear the music.