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Functional art.  I love that term!  that’s what Amethyst Soap creates!  She sent me a few of her pieces of art and can I say, they are almost too pretty use!  Luckily, she has more of it in her store for me to get when I run out.

Really, Alyce should be doing this review.  I’ll have to speak for her though because a 3 year old doesn’t always type that well.  She has been sneaking off to wash her hands all day long with the pretty soap ever since it arrived.

When I opened the package, all I could do was sit there and breathe.  The scents coming from it were heavenly.  They smelled so wonderful!  Then I pulled out the beautifully wrapped soap and was amazed at how they looked exactly like what they were called.  Exactly.  Let me show you.


Amethyst Crystal Soap

Hand crafted pure glycerine soap. A gentle exfoliating soap, each piece of Amethyst Crystal Soap™ is truly functional art. Each bath and body bar is hand carved to duplicate amethyst crystals and contains Shea butter, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, and kukui oil. It is lightly scented with White Tea, and a hint of lavender essential oil. Produces a gentle lather.


The Trio (Small) Tumbled Turquoise Soap

Tumbled Turquoise Soap™ passes through many stages to become the exquisite bar of exfoliating luxury soap that it is. It starts as pure glycerine soap to which Shea butter, apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, and neroli oil are added. It is scented with cinnamon essential oils and a hint of peony fragrance oil. For natural exfoliating, Tumbled Turquoise Soap™ contains freshly ground cinnamon and freshly ground orange peel.
Each piece of Tumbled Turquoise Soap™ and Amethyst Crystal Soap™ is made individually, by hand, and is completely unique. Contains no animal products.


Complextion Bar (Small)

It is designed specifically for those who suffer from acne and other skin irritations. We start with an all vegetable glycerine base.
Glycerin is a humectant, which draws moisture into the skin naturally and cleans without disturbing the delicate pH balance needed for healthy skin. We also add coconut oil for moisture and a naturally terrific lather.
Then, we add freshly ground Chamomile to sooth away any redness or irritation.
Finally we add honey, a natural bactericide, which also contains many minerals and vitamins, to nourish the skin.
Sounds simple? It is. It’s simply nature at it’s finest. Chamomile and honey combine to settle troubled skin in a most natural way.

See what I mean?  Almost too pretty to use!  I felt so guilty opening it up and washing my hands the first time.  Once I felt how soft my hands were and how good they smelled, I got over the guilt pretty quickly.  I mean, I know where her store is!  I can get more when I run out.

I love the saying I found under one of her products!

At Amethyst Soaps we believe that “Dial is dull, Caress doesn’t, and we’re 99.9% sure Ivory should stay on the animals.”

Too much fun!

I can’t wait to see the continued results of the Complextion Bar on my face.  I have bumps.  Annoying bumps all over my cheeks.  Everything I’ve tried has been to harsh and actually causes me to break out more and turn red.  And it burns because it gets so dry.  The Complextion Bar has left my face feeling so soft, not dried out, and it’s just really soothing.

I’m going to have to keep the Amethyst Crystal Soap in stock around here because that’s the one that Alyce (and Katiana) have been turning too.  They think it’s soooo pretty.  And it smells sooo good!  And mommy, my hands pretty now!  Yes honey, you’re hands are soft and gorgeous!

Let me show you some more of her beautiful soap!


Kings Ransom

King’s Ransom by Amethyst Soaps is a luxury bar deluxe. We named it King’s Ransom because, quite frankly, it cost a small fortune to make. I initially made it for myself, no holds barred on ingredients, but shared it with a few friends. All agree, this soap is amazing…deliciously rich in fragrance, lather, and appearance. I test all of my soaps, but I use this one.

Check out the rest of that listing because this bar has a lot of awesome stuff in it!


Pomegranate Perfection Soap

Pomegranate Perfection is made with 100% all natural Pomegranate juice. In addition to Pomegranate fragrance oil, this all vegetable base glycerine soap contains our “great eight” unique oil blend. Any one of these oils is terrific for the skin, but together, they’re somewhat magical.

See that listing for a listing of all the oils because it is just filled with goodness!

I will be buying the Soap (The Combo) Tumbled Turquoise Soap and Amethyst Crystal Soap set for us.  Not because I can’t make up my mind, but because I love both and in a family of 6 we go through a lot of soap!

That just happens to be the one that Amethyst Soap is going to give away to one of my loyal readers!  You get your own set of her gorgeous soap!  I tell you, you will be a customer for life after trying it.



Go over to Amethyst Soap on Etsy and let me know what your most favorite product is!



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Thank you so much to Amethyst Soap for sending me her beautiful soap products to try for this review and for having a giveaway with The 24/7 Mom!

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