Alyce’s Hall Of Fame As Princess Diana

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Princess DIana

At our school in 4th grade we do something called the hall of fame.  You pick a person dead or alive and become that person, dressing like them (not required), researching them so you can share info about them, and then presenting your life in a short presentation for everyone in the school (the wax museum) and a longer presentation for your class.

Alyce picked Princess Diana.  I was a little surprised but not really because I absolutely love the British royals.  This little girl has always had an obsession with real princesses.  I remember once when she was 3, she wore a tiara to a restaurant.  Some little horrible girl came up to her and said, “You know you’re not a real princess, right?”  Alyce burst into tears and was totally traumatized.  Who does that?

Back to the actual story.

I bought her the tiara and the replica wedding ring on Amazon.

The tiara arrived broken, which surprised me because of how heavy the metal felt.  It wasn’t a cheap plastic dollar tree tiara but it still was broken.

I emailed Amazon and was told that because this wasn’t sold by Amazon they had no way of knowing what quality the seller had so they refunded my money.  Great, but I still had a presentation and a broken tiara.

I pulled out the Gorilla epoxy glue and prayed for the best.  I managed to get it put back together after curing it for 24 hours, but after Alyce had her presentation and went to pull it out of her hair, it broke apart at the same spot.  I need my husband to work on it.

The ring was a huge hit with her, I wish I would have ordered one more size up, it’s a pinky ring on her.  For the price though, I was incredibly impressed with the ring.

All we needed then was the dress.  I didn’t want to buy a whole new dress for one day.  One of my Facebook friends came to the rescue and sent me two dresses and a necklace for Alyce to try.  She chose to wear the blue dress and

She looked absolutely beautiful!  I don’t have the picture of her from school or the video yet, but she said she had so much fun and was the fanciest one there. 😀  I think Princess Diana would be proud.

Have a wonderful day!

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