Alyce’s Birthday Party Pics

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Yesterday was Miss Alyce’s 7th birthday (just in case you missed the post).

I always do the family party on their birthday just because for me it’s your birthday, man.  Party it up.  She wants to have a slumber party too, I need to figure out what night and invite a couple of friends over for pizza.

Anyways, she had a blast.  She got all the LalaLoopseys she wanted and she woke up in the morning with zero zelfs and went to bed with 4.  She was tickled pink.

Opening the presents

More presents – that jacket up on top is her dance studio she goes to.

Close up of the back of the hoodie

She also got the Lalaloopsy Littles Sew Cute Patient that she politely asked for. 🙂

I have to share this doll we bought her.  I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Ever After High Apple White Doll

At Ever After High, everyone from the fairest Royals to Rebel dreamers wonder if the future is fate, or if destiny is just waiting to be rewritten. Are you a Royal or a Rebel? Either way, your Happily Ever After starts now.

Apple White, the Fairest One of the Halls

The world’s most spellbinding stories are getting turned on their crown at Ever After High, a high school for the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale legends. Apple White, daughter of Snow White, doesn’t take her Happily Ever After for granted — she works her crown off to prepare for her role as future kingdom leader. Now girls can experience the world of Ever After High with this Apple White doll, dressed in a gorgeous red outfit with apple-inspired accessories.

There’s lots of videos –

Ever After High YouTube Channel

Apple White’s story is even free on Kindle.

Ever After High: Apple White’s Story

Isn’t that fun? 

I think I am having just as much fun looking through this stuff as Alyce is. 

Ok. Back to pictures.

She wanted an art set with paints like Katiana has so I got her the
Royal and Langnickel Pink Art Acrylic Painting Artist Set for Beginners in Pink

The LaLaLoopsey that she wanted the mostest mostest mostest ever!
Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll Mittens Fluff n’ Stuff

A shot with most of her presents

Aunt Abby, Uncle Justin, and cousins Kayla and Aiden showed up with ANOTHER Zelf!
That is after mommy and daddy gave her one AND Aunt Shelley, Uncle Josh, and cousins Taylor, Carter, and Cambria gave her two.
Child is swimming in Zelfs.

Aunt Abby took a pic with her with first niece and nephew she ever had.

(Taylor and Jordan – the cousins who are 7 months apart – we have other sets closer than that. Alyce and Carter are 3 months apart and Nano and Cambria are 6 months apart. Cambria, Nano, and Kayla will all start kindergarten in the fall and Cambria and Nano will be at the same school just like Alyce and Carter do.)

Uncle Stevie and Aunt Amber had to work late but they rushed out as soon as they could with a doll that matched Leecy’s cake. 🙂

The cake!

Funny story, all she wanted for her birthday was LalaLoopseys and Zelfs BUT she wanted a Monster High cake.

Alyce eating cake with her brother Nano, her cousin Carter (our closest set of cousins at 3 months apart – Carter will be 7 in March), and Aiden, the youngest cousin in our family.

Just in case you are wondering what a Zelf is still.  There are tons of them on Amazon.

The Zelfs

They remind me of the old Trollz we had when we were kids.

She had such a good time.

This mama is EXHAUSTED.  Thursday I hosted Thanksgiving for my entire family (thank goodness we split up the menu and everyone brings stuff) and last night was the birthday party.  Now I get a 3 week break until we are hosting Christmas.  (I have the most seating space and my family is not small.  With my mom and dad and my siblings and their family there are 21 of us plus we always invite my husband’s best friend and my best friend and her family know they are always welcome.  It gets a bit chaotic.  I am just grateful that they are all near me to get together like this.

Have a beautiful day!

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