Alyce Did My Hair

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Now, before I post this picture of me, I would like it on the record that it was bed time.  I was almost make up free and my daughter thought the best way to do my curly hair would be to brush it out. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about (those blessed with straight hair), you don’t brush curly hair once there is product in it and it is dry.  You just don’t.  The results are not pretty.

Leecy wanted to do my hair last night and she has been on a pony tail kick lately.  She makes them high, she makes them low, she makes them into half bun things, she gets the hair ties so tangled in my hair I’m worried I’ll have to cut them out. She just loves doing pony tails….. on my hair.  Last night she decided that I needed pig tails.

Doesn’t she look proud of herself?

I think she was getting revenge for all of the times I’ve pulled her hair while brushing it. I honestly thought I would be bald when she got done. (To be fair, she has stick straight hair that is super easy to get a brush through unless she doesn’t brush it after her shower and falls asleep, then it takes a bit of work.)

There’s this saying that has been passed down from generation to generation in our family and my girls now roll their eyes they hear it so often, BUT, I know they will (lovingly) say it to their girls when they are whining about having their hair brushed out.

My grandma said it to my mom, my mom said it to me, and so the tradition continues when “ouch, ouch, ouch, you’re pulling my hair!) is all I hear in the mornings while getting ready.

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.” (That is said in the tight lipped way my grandma would do it when she was annoyed”)

My mama pulled my hair and her mama pulled her hair and when you have a little girl you can pull her hair too.

It’s never said meanly, it’s said with affection remembering grandma.

Now when I start it Katiana will stop me and say, I know, I know, I know, your mom pulled your hair, her mom pulled her hair, I am not pulling my little girl’s hair. 😀

Good luck with that if she is as sensitive as Kat is. (Kat got my curls, they just aren’t as tight.  Her hair is impossible to brush through 5 minutes after you just brushed it.)

Back to Alyce and my hair, she giggled as she finished and said, “mommy, you look like a little girl”.  So the key to looking younger, ladies, is not all those creams and treatments we use, it’s pig tails.

Because I showed a picture of me looking horrible, I have to share what I normally look like to repair my self esteem.

Much better

Speaking of that picture.  I am itching to get a new microdermal so bad.  I want it up and diagonally behind the other one, kind of straight across from the corner of my eye, but closer to my ear.  You can almost see all 3 of my piercings here if you look really closely at the other side of my nose, that one is sticking out a tad.  It’s an addiction. 

I’ll leave you with a lovely thing Alyce said to me the other day.

I came out of the bathroom, she looked at me with awe in her eyes, and said, “How do you make yourself like that, mommy?”

How do I make myself like what???


Nobody has ever accused me of being a natural beauty.  It takes lots of work. 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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