Alyce Competition Dance Results For 2015-2016 #Dance

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competition 4

A little over a week ago Alyce had competition try outs for the 2015-2016 season. Seriously, there are no big breaks for dance moms like there are for soccer moms. (Except when your kid plays indoor ball like my oldest, though I still get 3 months off for the summer before we start spring, winter, and fall soccer) She had a couple of weeks off between recital and summer classes starting and at the end of summer class were the try outs for those who want to compete.

competition 2

It was 2 days of intense dancing for these girls with only time to change their shoes in between genres. Alyce tried out with all but 2 of her teammates from her mini team. One has decided not to compete this year and the other was on vacation but tried out later. (Those are all of her mini teammates from last season that were there. Love these girls so much!)

competion 1

Notice Ellie came along to try outs. I told you yesterday (and in every other post that Ellie makes an appearance in) that that little elephant has been with Alyce since she was a baby. She comes along with us any time Alyce is nervous.

competition 3

Stretching it out… or sleeping. You decide. She could sleep like this. She’s been sitting in the middle splits just to watch TV since she was 18 months. It was the left and right splits that were a little more difficult for her to get.

competition 5

But she got both of those splits down after a few tries. I was pretty flexible but she did not get this amount of flexibility from me.

The results came in this last weekend!

She made all of the teams she was hoping for (except lyrical, her 4th choice, because they didn’t put together a youth lyrical team). She made the youth tap, jazz, and hip hop competition teams. Even better, she made them with all of her teammates she danced with last season. There’s a couple of new editions to each team. Alyce knows and likes all of them so this should be a really fun season for her.

She’s also doing the production number with the other comp students. I wasn’t going to let her because she is already dancing 7 1/2 hours this fall, 5 days a week. If she added that it would be 8 1/2 hours, 6 days a week. I was able to rearrange her schedule so that she will still have 8 1/2 hours a week, but she’ll only be up there 4 days. I know the older kids who are serious about dance are at the studio daily usually, but she is only 8. I think she needs time off to just play even if she wants to live at the studio.

I have a feeling it is going to be a very busy season, especially when you add 3 other kids playing soccer. I’m thankful Jordan has his license now and can drive himself to his own practices.

Have a wonderful day!

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