A Week Of Ups And Downs

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Me purple and red

I have had a week of ups and downs.  Downs that shook me so hard that my depression was flaring into high gear and I was fighting my own brain to stay alive again.  The ups (or really one up) balanced it out.  I took a full-time job in the school district I have been supping in for the last year and I am so excited.  Today is my first official day working full-time.  I love my co-workers, I love the kids I work with.  It all lined up perfectly at the right time and I was able to do this.

Then yesterday I received word that my uncle was not doing good, that hospice has been called in, and it is time to say goodbye.  I want to be there for my aunt and cousins and to say goodbye to my uncle.  I feel horrible because I let life get so busy that I haven’t seen him in such a long time.  I could have gone up when he would have recognized me still, but no I let everything sweep me along forgetting that we don’t have forever.

Don’t do that.  Take the time to see the people you love, make that trip that you keep putting off.  Your job will still be there, your kids’ activities will still be waiting for them, go see them and tell them you love them.

Keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, especially my Aunt, Uncle, my cousins, and their kiddos.  This is such a hard time for them.

P.S.  If you are wondering what a picture of me has to do with this post.  I decided while I was feeling down to brighten up my purples and reds.  It didn’t really make me feel better, but it gave me something to do instead of wandering around the house wondering what to do.

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