A photo recap of the last couple of weeks

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The first time my name has ever been on a white board like this! (I was in charge of study hall.)

These last few weeks have been absolutely crazy if you haven’t noticed from my very slow blog posts.  I started my job as a sub associate in our district and have been able to pick up 3-4 full days a week.  Between that, Alyce’s dance schedule, Nano’s therapy, Kat’s broken wrist, and soccer for both boys, I don’t know if I’m staying or going.

eye1 eye2

I kind of learned how to draw an eye while subbing for an associate and taking an awesome kid down to art class.  I have a lot of doodling time when I’m with a kid in a general education class because they usually just need a bit of prompting to stay on task when the teacher is talking.  The second eye I drew today when I was working with a kid in the special ed class I love.  She got to choose a reward and she chose to color with me.  I drew an eye, she drew a hot dog with eyes, it was a good time. 🙂  I seriously love my job.  I think the middle school/high school ages are my favorite.  I tend to grab those jobs first.

me and frankie

The other day I had the awesome surprise of walking into my 7th/8th grade home ec teacher’s (now 9th grade) class.  She is still at the school and I had to grab a selfie with one of my favorite teachers throughout my k-12 career.


We had homecoming and each sported our Warrior gear.  As you can tell, the girls were the only ones in a good mood starting off spirit day, but it got better and we ended it with smashing the team we were playing 41-14.  #ScatBobcats you’re in Warrior territory now.  If you didn’t know I went to the same school district that my kids go to and I now work in.  #OnceAWarriorAlwaysAWarrior

Totally different sport, but last weekend Jordan had an away soccer game.  The girls warming up behind the goal he was guarding were talking about some team that was undefeated.  Then Jordan half turned around, they saw his jersey and said oh sh*t, that’s Waukee.  Yeah it is.  We might have a big head when it comes to sports, but that’s only cuz we keep winning. 😀 (We really don’t win every game every season, but this season, they are undefeated so far, and have very rarely since they were 5 had a losing season.)


Jordan was uber-excited over a Pokemon hat that he got in his lootcrate this month and I felt the same about the Supernatural Impala that I stole from him.

Yeah, it’s Baby.









I should do a soccer and dance recap in their own posts.  I have been non-stop going and have been giving props to those bloggers who seem to organize their down time (what is downtime?) than I do. 😀 😀 😀

Hopefully tonight I’ll have a chance to get some more posts scheduled for this week.  I have Thursday off of work but I have therapy in the morning, Nano has therapy in the afternoon, and Alyce has dance in the afternoon.  It will be another crazy day for me.

How’s your start of the school year gone?

Have a wonderful day!!!

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