A Little Dancing From The Weekend

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as sassy as she wants to be\
Alyce in competition production

This last week was parent observation week at our dance studio.  I have lots of stuff from Alyce but very little of Katiana because she didn’t want me to post any pictures of her actually dancing.  When I had my camera out she was like no no no!  I promised they were just for me.

Kat stretching
Kat’s teacher helping her stretch for her middle splits

It was a long weekend with all of Alyce’s classes (Friday she had competition tap, jazz, and hip hop, then tap tech, jazz tech, and ballet tech.  four hours plus of dancing.  Saturday she had practice for her ballet solo, ballet 1-2 tech, jazz tech, and IV/V ballet tech, another three and one half hours.  Sunday she has competition production and modern, another hour and a half.  That’s not counting her Wednesday classes, pre-pointe tech and tumbling.  Her schedule is crazy.)  Katiana takes tap, jazz, and ballet tech with her on the weekends and tumbling on Wednesday.

more stretching

I was exhausted by Sunday night.  I’m not sure how she makes it through all of those hours of dance on the weekends.

ballet class

I think it exhausted Katiana as well.

kat tired

But obviously she loves it.  She says it’s her passion.

ballet barre stretch

I love that picture so much.  I want to get it blown up and framed for the studio owner for Christmas.

stretching and flexing

so tired

I think she might have been a little tired after she was done, even if she won’t tell you that.


I did spend a bit more time on top of the hours I have already put in bedazzling her solo costume.  It is taking forever!  May I recommend the HotFix tool for adding rhinestones to dance costumes?  It is so much less messy than using E6000.  I use the flat tool for every stone so I don’t have to switch back and forth. So far ThreadArt stones are my favorites to use.

I’ll leave you with a couple of videos from this weekend:

A video posted by Heather Ayala (@heatherm74) on

She almost has her ariel.  She is ThisClose.

A video posted by Heather Ayala (@heatherm74) on

And some beautiful ballet from Saturday’s class.

Have a wonderful day!

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