A Couple Of Videos Of The Girls

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First is Kat’s concert!  Can I just say that I am so tired of dealing with YouTube questioning every freaking video I put up.  I get copyright violations, I get protecting copyrights, I am for protecting copyrights, but when it’s my kid’s concert at school or 1/4 of a song that Leecy is dancing too in class, I get a tad frustrated.  Chris Brown, I swear I am not trying to steal your song Forever.  I promise. It is safe.

Kat is the first speaker.  Now, normally I wouldn’t send my daughter to a concert in her soccer jersey, but the concert was Olympic themed. 

They all did so good.  I’d share more videos, but I’m afraid my patience ran out with the man and woman in front of me who insisted on putting their stupid big heads in my frame every time I turned around.  I kept moving to one side then they’d move to that side.  I may have said some not nice things that are loud enough to be heard on the video.  Stupid big heads ruining my video.  They didn’t even get the hint then.

That video is parent observation night at dance.  Alyce is in the first row, farthest from the camera, in the white t-shirt.  I love watching her dance.  This is her first year in hip hop and she is in hip hop 2, but she is getting the dance down.  I’ll have video from her ballet/tap/jazz class next week.

Have a great day!

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