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My Doctor’s Apt on Wednesday
Well, it didn’t go like I wanted it to, but things aren’t worse, which is a positive.
My blood pressure was the same as last time. I told my doctor I was hoping he’d take me off of bedrest and he said, he’d rather be safe than sorry. He’d rather me be on bedrest than have my blood pressure soar higher because I’m doing too much then have to medicate me.
I said, do you think that by chance when I come in, my blood pressure is higher because I am nervous about what the results would be? He said that it’s a catch 22 because you’re coming in to get your blood pressure monitored, but that yes, it does make some people nervous and raises it. Nice try, you’re still on bedrest.
At 30 weeks (in 5 weeks) they will start doing non-stress tests every 2 weeks to make sure Isabel is doing ok in there.
I told him, you know you told me to watch my weight gain (I still had 30 lbs to lose from Miss Katiana when I got pregnant) and it’s pretty hard to do that when I’m sitting on my butt all the time. He said that I was doing fine, I’ve only gained 8 lbs so far. (I’m 25 weeks) But, I pointed out, I’ve gained those 8 lbs in the last month! GRRRRR! Most of it is probably fluid, ok, I take that back, this thing sticking out of the front of me that causes people to say,

“You’re due when?”
“HOW far along are you?”
“Are you sure there is just 1 in there?”

That might have something to do with the gain.

On a positive note, Katiana has been using the potty! YAY! She’s not even 2 1/2 yet. She’s wet her panties 1 time today. That was on the way to the potty. She did have um, 2 other accidents that I figured out are easier to clean out of a diaper than panties, but oh well. We’re on the right track.
This is my daughter after she goes, “Miras, Miras (Look, Look!) I peed!!!!!” bringing me the whole little insert full of potty. Then we have to go to the bathroom where she says, “I say bye bye, pee pee.” Turning to the toilet, “BYEEEEEEEE!” Flush!
One time today, she was watching Strawberry Shortcake, her favorite “sing in the worwd” – hanging out with brother too much I think – and I said, “Katiana, go sit on your potty.” She said, “not now, I bizzzzy” Like the potty wasn’t sitting in front of the tv.
I want this one completely out of diapers before the baby gets here so that we only have 1 in diapers. I know, wishful thinking, but she’s doing so good!
Anyone have any suggestions on getting a 7 year old to clean his room? We can make him stay in there for HOURS and nothing, not a thing. My neighbor even bought him 7 packs of Yu Gi Oh cards, which are on top of my fridge right now, as a reward for cleaning his room and helping mom out. (She bought Kat 5 packs of big girl panties as a reward for her trying to use the potty, she is so neat to me and the kids!) He knows that if he cleans his room, he can have them, is he cleaning???? Nope. Not at all, laying on his bed looking at the ceiling. I feel like my mother all of a sudden! Nurture vs Nature? In this case I think it’s nature.

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