A Christmas Run Down

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I love Christmas.  I do.  But, I was ready for it to be over this year.

It is Amazon’s fault, I’m just saying.

I am still waiting for two presents for my parents to arrive that I ordered on the 21st with 2 day shipping.  The tracking page still says that the expected arrival day is December 24th.

It is the 26th.

I am hypoglycemic and might have let my blood sugar drop all the way down to the point of stumbling around on Christmas Eve.  (There is a reason for adding this, promise.)  I might not have eaten all day long, even though I knew better.  I also might have chased the UPS man for 3 blocks trying to find my parents’ presents, seeing as Christmas Eve is also my dad’s birthday and I really really wanted to give him my present. 

I don’t know if you know anyone who is hypoglycemic, but when my blood sugar drops, I am a whole different person.  Everything is a huge deal.  I literally cannot control my emotions… if I can stay standing up.  Which, like I said, I was having trouble doing, stumbling all over trying to get my hair and make up on for church.  Enter evil crying Heather.

Poor UPS man.

I do owe him an apology when he finally shows up at my door with the presents, which I hear are finally out for delivery.

I had to apologize to my husband and kids too.

It was not a pretty Christmas Eve.

So now that we know I was turned evil on Christmas Eve until I finally ate some protein and got my blood sugar back up, let us start at the beginning of the day.

All Alyce wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth.
That is not really true.  She wanted a lot more than teeth.


We hung out in my bed for a bit Christmas Eve morning.
This was before mommy went crazy and everyone was still in a good mood.

Still hanging in mama’s room

After all the drama, and after I got some food in me, it was time for the play at church.

Katiana was a narrator (in red)

Alyce was Mary (in blue)

Jordan filled in as a wise man
which he thought was perfectly appropriate

Christiano was a little donkey (3 from the left)
He went on stage, which shocked me beyond belief.
We had been trying to get him up on stage for weeks!
It was a Christmas miracle, I am telling you.

After church, we went home…. well, I went home with the kids, Pato went somewhere with his best friend, I am assuming to recoup from the crazy that was his wife before church.  We waited and waited, and finally I let the kids open their new pajamas without him because they were tired and wanted to go to bed.

Then the stockings were hung by the chimney with care

And the Christmas tree exploded

It should be noted that those are not all from Pato and I.  It was a really tight year for us, I bought each kid 3-4 presents, (no electronics,we did an electronic free Christmas this year… for the kids).  The rest are from grandma and grandpa and a Christmas angel – the presents all arrived before Christmas and I just about died when I saw them.

After Santa Claus came, Alyce got up to visit the restroom.  Then she wanted to see if Santa ate the cookies/drank the milk, so I let her take a peek. 

She went back in her and Kat’s room, presumably to go back to sleep, and then I heard, mom! being whispered from Katiana.  Mom? Mom?!!!!!


Alyce woke me up.

To tell you Santa came? 


Would you like a peek too?


So Kat had to come out and see what Santa brought.

Alyce followed her back out.

Maria Alyce!  Go back to bed and do not get back out until 7 AM.

When is that?

7 hours darling.

SEVEN HOURS?????!!!!!!


The girls finally went to sleep.  Then I did.

My alarm started going off at 6:30 because I forgot to turn it off for Christmas vacation.  I could not fall back to sleep.  Katiana got up with me, but I made her wait until 7 to start waking up her siblings.

At 7 the party started.

Alyce opening her presents

Katiana opening her presents

Nano opening his presents and Damon getting comfy in the
Bey Blade stadium, to which Nano promptly said

Jordan opening his presents.
Jordan’s new shirt said –
The hardest part about a Zombie Apocalypse will be to act like I’m not excited

My boys love all things Zombie Apocalypse related.

I got an iPad mini – which shocked me – all things $$ considered
Craig’s List + a woman who won it in a raffle but never used it = deal my husband could afford

I am so excited.  I had an iPad 2 which I carried everywhere – because my books are on it. That meant I had to use a huge purse all the time.  Now I can carry a small purse when I want to.

I have a balance in my Amazon account, thank you Amazon affiliate sales (that would be all of you) and was able to grab this cover for $11.99 + free shipping.  It will be here soon. (Soon being whenever Amazon and UPS decide to get it here.)

Retro Classic Vintage Tower Leather Folio


The girls, Pato and I spent some time separating their 1800
rubber bands they each got for their rainbow looms.

Jordan and I played Dwarven Miner, the new-ish game that Grant Wilson
(formerly of Ghost Hunters) helped design.  It was fun.  There were a few
accusations of cheating on both parts. 😀

And lastly we went to my brother’s for turkey noodle soup.
That is Christiano (4), Carter (my brother’s son – 6), and Aiden (my sister’s son – 2 1/2) all in a row.

The kids had a blast playing with their cousins, as always, and the food was good.  It felt like we had just had a huge turkey dinner, which we had at Thanksgiving, and no one wanted to make a huge meal again, hence turkey noodle soup.  All we needed was a turkey (Pato and I cooked one), the soup stuff (my mom made the rest of it), mashed potatoes, corn, and the desserts.  So good.

All in all, minus my melt down and the missing presents, it was a wonderful Christmas, but I am ready to take the tree down and move on to New Year’s Eve.

How was your Christmas?

Have a wonderful day!

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