Annie Rose Welch Guest Post With An Awesome #Giveaway!

Who’s up for an awesome contest? You? Or is it you? Good! Because starting today, every Wednesday until December 25th is going to be #WriterWednesday . What is Writer Wednesday? So glad you asked. Here’s what I have planned for ya’ll. If you’ve read Marigny Street, you know how important dreams are to Evangeline and her family. Dreams are not just something that happens while you’re asleep, they’re so much more. Dreams can foretell the future, shape it, and sometimes create it.

Here’s the fun part. Every Wednesday I’ll have a Writer Wednesday post. The question of the hour (or day):

If you could meet anyone famous in your dreams, dead or alive, who would it be? 

You don’t have to elaborate; short and simple will be beautiful. Because there’s more. And more is always awesome. If you tag your friends, you double your chances of winning. Plus, there’s something for your besties too.

A winner will be picked December 26th. The prize: A $20.00 gift card to Amazon, along with a set of signed books by yours truly. And for one of your tagged friends, a set of signed books. (A big thank you to all of the besties out there!)

And that’s just the beginning. If you choose to go forward, Writer Wednesday will take on a whole new meaning. If you say yes to the next round of Writer Wednesday, you become an author for a day!

That’s right, folks. You will have the chance to write out your dream, make it come alive with you and your dream person as the leads. You’ll have to add dialogue and set the scene. All the awesome goodness that makes your favorite books your favorites. But you won’t be alone—you’ll have help along the way.

• My fabulous editor will edit your fine piece of artwork and make it shine for all to see. 
• My talented art guy will create a caricature with you and your famous person as the cover. You + Your Famous Person= Together Forever.

• I will post on Facebook & my website (on your behalf) an intro to your story, your story, and why you felt compelled to write it. And I’ll also include your story in my Lagniappe Newsletter, along with your cover.

• And… Something on behalf of your famous person. If your guy is a movie star, your favorite movie with him in it. If your girl is a rock star, your favorite album by her. If your guy or gal is/was a writer, your favorite book. (There is a $30.00 limit.)

(Facebook has nothing to do with this contest/giveaway. It’s all me.
So, what do you say? Who’s that famous person you dream of meeting?



Check out Annie’s books!  Two of my faves from 2013!

Saving Angels Series

Marigny Street|Red Dirt Road

Annie Rose Welch

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