Adam’s Apple by Liv Morris

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Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra #1) by Liv Morris

An erotic and seductive bestseller that has captivated readers.
"I take cocky, rich boys like you and teach them how to make love to women until they’re barely able to mutter a word. Completely and utterly blissed. That’s really what separates the men from the boys, Mr. Kingsley. Sex as an art form versus f**king for a release." – Kathryn.

Adam Kingsley reigns as the young prince of Manhattan. Everything he touches turns to gold, making him the envy of Wall Street. Women swoon at his feet, money is no object, and his killer good looks are as wicked as sin. A dangerous trifecta that allows him to possess anything or anyone he desires.
What more could a thirty-two-year-old man wish for? Maybe that his life never changes and his murky past stays far away…Sounds reasonable, yet life seldom is.
Kathryn Delcour is an alluring socialite with unique erotic tastes who helps others find true sexual fulfillment. When she suddenly appears on the New York City social scene, Adam finds this complex woman too tempting to resist. He will stop at nothing to have her, yet she is warned to stay away from him and his player ways. Kathryn tries to keep him at arm’s length, but her arms may not be strong enough to hold the charismatic Adam Kingsley at bay.
An erotic bestseller deliciously sweetened with hidden secrets, seduction, and suspense. The passionate lure of ancient sexual practices, a past that isn’t content to remain buried and a present filled with intrigue, danger and revenge – Adam’s Apple is an erotic experience heightened by the sensual voice of the main character as Adam tells the story in his own words.

I went a little crazy looking for this book.  I saw it on blogs during the tour for it, I swore I put it on my TBR list.  It wasn’t there.  I posted on Facebook, on my blog, asked everyone in groups I knew. I could not find this.  Turned out, I was mixing this cover up with Cameron Jace’s books because I thought I was looking for a fairy tale with a cover that had a woman laying down, bluish toned, and an apple.  Seriously, that cover looks like a fairy tale. Not a fairy tale at all.

I started this as soon as I bought it, and I honestly wasn’t sure what I thought of it.  The main character, Adam, was a jerk to begin with.  I couldn’t see how I was going to like him at all.  I liked Kathryn though.  She had the attitude I wish I could pull off – smart, sexy, confident, able to put a cocky full of himself man in his place.

Because I didn’t like Adam at first, I spent the first half of the book not really caring where this was going, I kept reading though because I had worked so hard to find out which book it was I actually wanted to read.  I like the men in my books to be alpha males, domineering, protective, etc.  When this book started, he was just a plain a$$, pardon my language, but he truly was a donkey.  Once he started working through his issues, he became more likable.

Overall it was ok.  The tantra parts were cool because though I have heard of it, I don’t really have a lot of knowledge about tantra.  Those scenes were hot. 

The drama surrounding Adam, was a little predictable.  I knew what Simon’s problem was before he knew.  I didn’t know see one thing coming that happened at the end, that was a point in the book’s favor.

There were maybe 3 or 4 grammatical/spelling errors that I noticed.  (I’m not the world’s smartest person when it comes to punctuation, but the grammatical/spelling things I catch.) There weren’t so many that it distracted from the story or made me have trouble reading.  It was just a few spots where I noticed, thought did I just read that?  Went back, read it again, yep.  That should be this.

I do understand why some people would give this 5 stars. If you like the character Adam, find his character sexy, and if you like Catherine, the hot tantra scenes, it all would add up to a 5 star review.  Adam to me was just such a jerk from the start, I wouldn’t have given him the time of day to see where the relationship would progress. Look what I would have missed out on though.

Overall, I liked it.  Once I got to the half way point, I finally got into it.  Would I pick up the sequel?  Yes.  Now that Adam is in a place where I like him a bit more, I want to see where there story takes them.  That is what is pushing this review up from 3 stars to 4 for me, wanting the sequel.

If I could rate a book just on it’s cover, I would give this one 5 stars.  Gorgeous.  I think that is one of my favorite covers to date.  It’s beautiful.  That cover is what had me on a 3 day hunt for this book.

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