Real Men Don’t Whale and More

Courtesy of Captain Paul Watson

I haven’t posted enough lately in support of our oceans and the life they sustain.  I donate to Sea Shepherd every month because they are one of the few groups of people taking an active stance against the slaughter of our ocean’s creatures. I am what they call a direct action crew member.

Sticker is in my car window, I wear my shirt all the time.

Back to Real Men Don’t Whale.

Love this video that was just released:

Another note re: our oceans:

Courtesy of Knowledge of Today

More info on the Fukushima radioactive water leaking here or here if you prefer it from NPR.

One last amazing picture (at least to me):

Courtesy of Clinton Ansell

For the first time ever, brave Japanese people protested at Taiji yesterday after a pod of bottlenose dolphins were captured. This man entered the water, sign says: "We don’t argue Taiji fishermen, we think we need to change our government policy at first. It’s not the era for us to catch and eat dolphins. It’s high time to stop dolphin hunt as a nation." Matt Sorum, Gun n’ Roses drummer was there too.

Kudos to the people of Japan who are standing up against this slaughter of the dolphins at Taiji!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch The Cove:

If you are one of those people who believe those who say Sea Shepherd lies, it is coming out slowly but surely by the main stream media (not just conservationists who support Sea Shepherd, like myself) that they are speaking the truth, makes those who call them liars look like osteriches sticking their heads in the sand.

There’s more.  You just have to look.  Get your head out of the sand and see that they are the group out there actively trying to enforce the laws and protect the oceans.  Holding up a sign doesn’t cut it anymore. Whalers, dolphin hunters, and shark finners don’t take time to notice our signs or take heed if they read them.  Someone needs to be in the way.

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