Theme Songs From My Childhood

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This all started because I began singing this song in the car on the way home from church:

And that progressed to:

Now, I watched those in reruns with my next door neighbor who was like a grandma to me. (I was born in 74.)  My grandmas didn’t live close enough for me to run to their houses.  Eileen had cable. We didn’t. And she loved me lots and I felt the same way. 😀 RIP Eilleen. I miss our time together! I watched those, I dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, the Twilight Zone and every freaky scary gigantic bug sci fi movie ever made with her.

Then my dear friend Alissa got this one stuck in my head because of a Facebook post tonight:

That was all she wrote.  I knew the stars were aligning for a walk down memory lane of shows I loved as a kid.  So now you must all go through it with me. Muah ha ha ha ha!

I remember sitting around the TV with the rabbit ears covered in aluminum foil watching Happy Days as a kid.  Loved that show.  This was before I actually had crushes on the people IN the shows, so I liked the show just for the show.

Who doesn’t love to sing this song? Never heard the word impossible, this time there’s no stopping us…. Laverne & Shirley. I loved Laverne, but I loved Carmine’s dancing.

I wanted to be Alyssa Milano. For real. Went so far as to buy her work out video.

Oh yes, I loved working out to Teen Steam! That’s where I learned how to do soccer kicks.

Funny, I even cast Alyssa to play me in My Life Starring…… I still love her.

Ricky Schroder – *sigh* My first autograph from a celebrity.  I LOVED Ricky.

I started watching this cuz a friend told me I should, then I just kept watching it.  Kind of had a girl crush on Tracey Gold.

Never missed an episode of The Facts of Life.  I wanted to be Jo AND Blair. The facts of life introduced me to Mackenzie Astin, which in turn led me to another crush, his older, more mature brother Sean.


Then there was My Two Dad’s. I won’t lie. I had a crush on Greg Evigan. Yeah, cuz the dude in the beard is not hot. He was.

My mama and I loved Family Ties. Michael J. Fox was so cute and Tina Yothers – I loved her.

See, my dream was to be a singer (I went to college on a vocal performance major). I loved Tina.

Singing brings me to this show. Who remembers this?  I LIVED for this one.  I was so upset when it was canceled.

One more from that show just for fun –

I used to sit by the TV recording the songs from the show on cassette tape.  Kind of sounded like that video too. :)

Have to add a few more songs from that show:

On that last one, the spoken words aren’t in English but the song is.

And then of course there was…. Saved By The Bell:

That led to my Mark Paul Gosselaar obsession.  He’s on Franklin & Bash now, just in case you didn’t know.

Cuz he didn’t grow up sexy or anything.

Alright.  That’s enough of mine.  Walk me down your memory lane.  What did you spend hours in front of the TV watching? (who – drooling over – same thing)

Have a great day!

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