Figuring Out My New Phone – Samsung Galaxy S IV

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I went to make a phone call yesterday and got a “this account can not be verified” message.  Tried to call someone else and got the same thing. Then I remembered a text message I sent that wouldn’t go through.

I was getting a bit stressed about it (see my usage below and know why I feel like I’ve lost an appendage if my phone isn’t working), so I checked Sprint’s website.  Bill paid.  Scrolled down. Hmm. My phone was not listed as an iPhone 4 anymore.  It was a Samsung Galaxy S IV.

I ruined my husband’s surprise.  I’d been wanting to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but then read a review over on Noobie (I recommend email updates from him.  He has some awesome tips.) about the Galaxy S4. I decided I wanted that instead and shot the review over to my husband.

Samsung Galaxy S4

I joined the iPhone wave not quite 2 years ago.  I had been an android girl before that.  Honestly, I hated it after the initial newness wore off.  Even before my daughter cracked my screen and my husband promised to take it to his “guy” instead of over to the Apple store, and well.. I’m still waiting a year later.  There wasn’t much I could do on the iPhone that I couldn’t do on my android. Facetime.  That was about it. There were however apps I couldn’t use on iPhone that I loved on Android. Mr. Number being one. I LOVED Mr Number for telemarketers who couldn’t take no for an answer. (Yes, my phone is on the Do Not Call List, they still call.) Android to me is just more user friendly, especially when it came to the business side of things.  I had an easier time using documents on my android. Then my phone starting muting on it’s own and hanging up on calls.  I thought it was my cracked screen until I talked to every one of my friends who also have an iPhone 4 and they had the same problem.  It wasn’t my screen.  I was done with the iPhone and started looking at the Samsung Galaxy.

To say I was excited when I saw my phone was not an iPhone any more on Sprint’s website is an understatement.  He walked in the house trying to hide it and I said, I already know. Hand it over.

His trying to hide a new phone from someone whose last bill had this usage on it –

Thank goodness for unlimited data/text and mobile to mobile
In my defense, a lot of those messages are tweets I have sent to my phone. :)

is incredibly funny. I’m a blogger and a social networker. It’s how I earn an income to stay home with my kids. Don’t judge. :)

You can’t sneak a new phone on the plan by disconnecting their old phone when someone uses it as much as I do. They’ll notice something is wrong not long after their phone is turned off.

Now my Galaxy S4 is in my greedy little fingers and it feels like I came home. So much happier, but still figuring out things that have changed since I last had an android.

One thing that was driving me nuts was the lack of autocorrect on the S4, Googling, I found out that the S3 had it, but not the S4.  Why?

As much as I joke around about autocorrect failing me, I need it. Touch screens and me don’t get along and I screw up a lot.

I found Jellybean Keyboard. It has autocorrect. Yay!

I don’t know if the keyboard is a lot better than the one that came installed on the phone, but to have autocorrect I don’t care.

I’m still trying to figure out gestures and air gestures and face gestures or whatever their called.

I’m not sure if I need this much of a phone, but I am in heaven.

The pictures!  So much better than on my iPhone 4.  Clearer, crisper, I don’t even want to use filters in Instagram (speaking of which, I’m so happy instagram is on Android now, it wasn’t when I switched to the iPhone). I am in heaven.  I’m watching ever video on YouTube that gives tips and tricks on using the Galaxy S4.  I just got done with this one –

I learned some things about the air gestures. Kinda cool.  Not sure why I need them, but I love them.

So what happened to my iPhone 4?  Katiana was waiting with hands open for it as soon as I set my phone up.  She has had a phone for a year and it was just a standard only good for calls and texts phone.  I think it’s appropriate that since she broke my screen, she gets to deal with it now. (She dropped it on the cement when I handed it to her as I was getting our mini-dogs-who-think-they-are-huge and were trying to take off after a collie back under control. It’s got an otter box on it now.)  I’m pretty sure since it’s now Katiana’s phone, daddy will have the screen fixed in no time.

This is making me feel like going all crazy and changing my iPad in for an android tablet.  I don’t know though.  I really love my iPad.  I do know with all the hooplah around the Kindle Fire, it wouldn’t be that one.  My girls both have one and I’m not a huge fan.  I wouldn’t mind the iPad mini. That’s not exactly stepping away from the iPad is it? My sons each have a Nexus 7 tablet.  I might play around with theirs one day just to see if I like it better than the iPad. I definitely wouldn’t mind something smaller.

So, who has this phone?  Tips?  Tricks?  Things I should know as I’m playing around with it?  Drop them below in the comments!

Have a great day!

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