7 Year Giveaway Coming Up! Calling on my Authors/Crafters/Bloggers

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It’s coming soon!

I have never ever celebrated a blogging anniversary BUT 7 is a lucky number so what better time to have that celebration than on my 7 year anniversary.

Can you believe that?

7 years.

That’s a long time to be blogging. I think I talk a lot.

August 31, 2006 I wrote my first post

I did make the switch from blogger to wordpress sometime in there and with the transfer everything wasn’t lined up all neat and pretty, but you can see in the link, that was the first post I made.  I was pregnant with Alyce, my 6 year old when I started this.

So why am I calling on my blogger/crafter/author/whatever else you might do friends?

I want to have an epic epic epic giveaway.


That’s why I need you.

I am building a raffle, I would appreciate some prizes from who ever would like to donate.

With your donation, your promotional information becomes an entry option for the raffle. Two links of your choice – Facebook liker, Twitter follower, blog subscriber, whichever two you would like.

You will be promoted the whole time this raffle is running.

Want to donate books? Cool. Want to donate jewelry you make? Awesome.  Want to do a gift certificate to wherever? I’m down with that.

How do you get involved?  Drop me a line , leave me a comment with your email addy, use a tin can and a string if you can reach me that way. :)

I’d like to have everyone who wants to be involved in contact with me by August 7 so I can get everything organized.

I’d prefer if digital prizes came directly from the sponsor.  Physical prizes can either be sent to the winner by the sponsor, or you can send the prize to me, and I’ll ship everything I have together.

If enough prizes are entered, we’ll split it up into grand, first, second, and third.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Have a beautiful day!

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