What Do You Do With Book Swag – Recent Giveaways I’ve Won

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I don’t usually get a lot of book swag because I read e-books usually but every once in awhile some pops up in my mail box and the amount overfloweth after I won one of the prize packs in a giveaway The Romance Troupe had.

Since I don’t read a lot of paperbacks, I don’t use bookmarks either. (My mom will tell you I never used bookmarks, that I like to dog ear my pages because my bookmarks always fall out.)

I was looking at this stack wondering what to do because I didn’t want to throw it away, some of them were autographed.

Inspiration hit.

I decided to wallpaper my office with it. :)

My husband thinks I’m a tad ridiculous but it’s all good. If he would have gotten around to getting the red paint I wanted to paint the office in it wouldn’t have happened.

I like it. It reminds me of my bedroom covered in NKOTB posters from ceiling to floor (literally, the ceiling was covered).

I got a bunch of ebooks from that giveaway too.

Riptide by Amber Lea Easton
Kindle |Paperback

Comanche Haven by Catherine Wolffe
Kindle |Paperback
Comanche Haven I remember adding to my TBR shelf while hopping blogs.

Shadow’s Edge by Jami Gray
Kindle |Paperback

To Serve Is Divine by R.E. Hargrave
Kindle |Paperback

Can’t Bear It by Celia Kyle

Trust Me by Anna Wells

Wunder by A.R. Von

I remember watching the preview to Wunder .5 Dreams when I was doing the blog hop. I really wanted to read that one.

Always & Forever by Chantel Rhondeau
Kindle |Paperback

Chasing Sam by Krystal Shannan

And then with that prize there were some paperbacks in the box that was shipped to me:

Vashti’s Star by Dariel Raye

Silver Flame by Susan Johnson
Kindle |Paperback

Captive Soul by Anna Windsor
Kindle |Paperback

And a couple of audio books, which I don’t normally use ever.  I prefer ebooks and paperbooks.  I think I’ve listened to one audio book in my life, but we’ll give it a try.

Olivia’s Haunting by Mary Suzanne
Kindle’ target=_blank>Kindle’ target=_blank>Kindle’ target=_blank>Kindle’ target=_blank>Kindle|Audio

Kindle |Paperback |Audio

Kindle |Hard Cover |Audio 


There’s another giveaway I won the other day. I’m excited cuz I love love love Sherrilyn Kenyon. These ones are paperbacks that will be autographed by Dianna Love. This one was part of the Circus Summer Blogger Contest and I won these on After Dark Rendezvous.

Kind of awesome! Thank you to all of the hosts of the giveaways!

Have a great day!

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