Nano’s Trip To The Hospital

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I have been MIA and I promise I have a valid reason.  It has been a very very long week. Monday I dropped Kat off for camp, picked up my niece from the orthodontist, took her home, and then went back over to be with her, because my sister in law’s dad passed away (her grandpa).

Wednesday I got some much needed stuff done, then took Alyce to dance.  I had been there 1/2 an hour when Pato sent me a picture of Nano’s ear.

I said bypass the walk in and go straight to the ER.

When I got to the ER Nano’s ear looked like this:

That happened to me once when I was pregnant with Alyce and it stumped all the doctors.  They never figured out what was wrong with me. I was in the hospital for a few days, went home with a PIC line giving me antibiotics, and got Bell’s Palsy.

Looking at my son’s ear, I thought there was no way this could happen to him and me when the doctors had never seen it before with me. I was sure there had to be a bee sting, or a spider bite, or something.

They started an IV at the hospital closest to us and couldn’t find a cause.  They took Nano by ambulance to Blank Children’s hospital. I had a really hard time with that.  We had come in two cars. Pato needed his car for the next day, I needed mine in case we were discharged.  Jordan got to ride with Nano in the ambulance.

When we got to Blank we had to wait in the emergency room while more doctors checked him over and they prepared a room for my little guy. We were definitely staying over night.

While we were waiting, they gave him some Benedryl through his IV just in case we were fighting some type of allergic reaction.

He passed out in minutes.

They gave him that blanket in the first ER we were in.  He loves it and the lion that they gave him in the ambulance.  Grandma named the lion Larry. It stuck.

We spent the night getting blood drawn, antibiotics given, doctor after doctor coming in to examine his ear with a microscope.

There was no medical reason his ear should have looked like that.  His WBC the first day was 14.8, the second, 8. Both of those numbers are in a healthy range.  His CBC came back perfect. There were no signs of an allergy attack, inflammation (which obviously he had), or infection of any type. There was no trauma, punctures, sting marks, bites, nada. Nine doctors examined him, including an infectious disease doctor who they brought in.  I’m assuming when you stump an infectious disease doctor that you’re running out of options.  He went back through YEARS of case files and there was not one case similar to Nano’s with no medical cause and (strangely enough) no pain. He has some itching and burning but no pain at all.

You can see from the angle of his ear, how it’s protruding out? The infectious disease doctor was thinking mastoiditis, but no infection, no pain.  That was ruled out.

They started hitting him hard with antibiotics and benedryl and something was working slowly but surely.  Thursday morning it wasn’t quite as red, but still just as swollen.

They decided we were staying another night.

At this point his cultures were coming back showing no growth what so ever. Again, another theory shot down completely.

In the afternoon they changed our plan of action.  I got a whirlwind course in microbiology, gram negative and positive antibiotics, and different bacteria.

They added a gram negative antibiotic. Now he was getting a positive, a negative, and Benedryl.

Something finally started working.  His ear was almost normal color by that evening. Still swollen though but we were praying and knew that it was going to go down next.

It just took a couple of doses of the new antibiotic before things started to turn around. They still didn’t know what was working the best though because it could have been one of the other two medicines really starting to work.


Yes, I had loads of it at this point.

I wasn’t frustrated with the doctors though. I realize that it was because they had never seen a case like Nano’s and Blank has a lot of med students and residents, our door was a revolving entrance with everyone coming in to check his ear out.

Seriously 9 doctors.

Not one of them had seen this before.

The head of blank’s children’s hospital was the one who called in the infectious disease doctor.

They still don’t know what caused this. No idea. No clue.  My son is a medical anomaly. Of course he gets that from me, since the same thing happened to me 7 years ago.

Friday morning his ear was still swollen but not nearly as much and was on the mend.  We were released with the same strong antibiotics and benedryl prescribed.

I was exhausted.  I drove from downtown to Des Moines to our pharmacy in West Des Moines just to find out they didn’t have one of the antibiotics he had to have. They called every single pharmacy in our area and no one had it.  I had to go to the south side of Des Moines to get it.


I just wanted to fall into bed.

I had to pick up Kat from camp.

Grabbed her. Came home and attempted to sleep for a couple of hours which failed completely.

I got ready and head to my sister in law’s dad’s visitation. According to my GPS my estimated time of arrival would have been 5:49. I got there at 6:57 – 3 minutes before it was done.  An accident on the interstate had us sitting there for an hour.

That only came through 40 minutes too late. TYVM Des Moines Register. Way to be on top of the news.

I finally walked in the door last night and passed out.

Then I got up this morning to head to the funeral.

Rest in peace Tom.  You will be greatly missed!

I really hope this is the end of everything bad happening.  Our family has been hit so hard.

My aunt died 3 weeks ago, Shelley’s dad (Tom) had a heart attack and it was caught when we were in Alabama, came home, Jordan’s dad was in the hospital, then my mom went to the ER one night, then Shelley’s dad died, and Nano was in the hospital.

I don’t understand why bad things just keep happening.  Something good needs to happen to someone in my family. It doesn’t have to be me or mine. I just want something good to happen, something to celebrate.

I know I missed my Friday Reads post yesterday. Consider last week’s post this week’s reads.  I haven’t been able to read at all.  Too many other things that need my complete attention.

Keep our family in your thoughts and prayers for broken hearts and health right now.

Thank you!

I hope you have a wonderful night.

P.S. I’m not going back to edit this. I’m going to lay down. Still recouping from this week. So forgive all mistakes. :)

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