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Whose excited?

I know, me neither.

Maybe I’m old.  I haven’t gotten into the whole really short video craze.

I just got a Vine account because there are a few celebrities I wanted to follow, two days later Instagram adds 15 second video.

With filters.


Here’s what I’m truly worried about –


I’m waiting to see how long it will take Jordan to upload a horrible video of me, smack out of bed, with my frizzy hair sticking out everywhere, eyes barely open because I haven’t had coffee, in front of a sink full of dirty dishes/basket of dirty clothes/etc. etc. etc.

He has had to remove a few photos from Instagram for that very reason.

I love social networking. I’m on Facebook all the time, Twitter – love it, Instagram … use it quite a few times a day, couldn’t live without Goodreads now, I’ve got all my imaginary stuff on Twitter, I don’t see me jumping into the short video craze though. 

I like YouTube.

I guess as we move faster and faster, mobile stuff is trying harder and harder to keep up with us, and our attention spans are down to 6 and 15 seconds respectively.

I promise you, I will not have any videos uploaded to Instagram with 15 seconds of looking at my sandwich or my coffee. I don’t see myself uploading much video actually.  I barely use the video feature on my iPhone and if I do, it’s definitely longer than 15 seconds.  I’d upload it straight to YouTube or Facebook.

I can’t say I’ll never try it out but if I do I promise that I will be one of those people who upload videos of their kids or their pets.  That’s how I use Instagram with my photos now. :) Actually, I use Instagram for the easy upload to Facebook and Twitter.  Then I have an easy way to copy the image URL (from Facebook), paste into imageschack, and stick it in a blog post.

I don’t think that’s the right attitude behind using Instagram.

Are you going to be using Instagram’s video feature?  Are you already uploading video to Instagram with the hashtag #RIPVine?  Or maybe you’re a Vine user spouting your profanity laced loyalty to Vine in a video over there? If you did one of the two, I spent probably 30 minutes watching your videos yesterday trying to figure out the big deal.

Or are you like me?

Are you sticking with YouTube because seriously, editing a video down to 15/6 seconds is a pain in the butt and you miss all the good parts?

If I start making videos that are 15 seconds specifically designed for Instagram, you have my permission to point me to this post.

Connect With Me – Not Everyone’s Mama
Notice I added my Instagram to my little list there?
Thought it was appropriate. :)

Have a great day!

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