Transitioning To A Big Boy Bed

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Buzz Lightyear Bed

Yesterday I got a bike trailer (for Nano on longer bike rides cuz waiting for the training wheels is a bit tedious on long trips, I’m mean, I know) and a Buzz Lightyear bed for free. (Not a product review, the company didn’t give these to me, just a normal everyday post.)

Now some of you might be saying, transitioning?  Now?  Isn’t that child 4?

Yes, yes he is.  He also has slept in my bed since birth.  All of my kids have.  There are different methods of parenting, and I have chosen to attachment parent, to me that is what comes naturally.

Each family does it differently but for me and mine it means I stay home with my children from birth until they are all in school, I practiced extended breastfeeding until around 18 months (it was different for each kid), I wear my babies in a wrap until they are around 3 and want to walk full time, (Nano’s stopped a bit early because I hurt my shoulder 2 years ago – it’s still screwed up, and I couldn’t wear him as long.) (Also, I still encouraged walking and independence with floor time, the swing, etc., I just never let my babies cry.  I’d wrap them to me and do the dishes, the laundry, make supper, do the shopping. They never sat in the car seat in the stores, I would put them in their wrap and we’d go. You can do just about anything with a child in a wrap with a bit of practice.), I co-sleep, I use positive discipline most of the time (I have older kids now, positive reinforcement doesn’t always give the reinforcement you need), and I have never ever let one of my children cry it out.

It’s how I do it and it works for our family. Luckily for me, I’m married to a man who has no problem parenting this way.

That explains Nano being in my bed still. All of my kids have naturally made the transition to their own bed around 4.  That doesn’t mean that I never let them sleep alone.  I encouraged it.  I just didn’t force it. All the kids have had their own crib and then bed set up for when/if they wanted to use it. Nano’s crib that converted to a toddler bed was ruined in the water that set in my apartment after they put out the fire that destroyed most of the building. We hadn’t replaced it yet because we didn’t really need to yet. He wasn’t anywhere near ready to make the transition.

I’ve been thinking recently that we did need to get him started on gently transitioning to his own bed in his room he shares with Jordan (if by share I mean the room that Jordan never lets him enter – because it’s Jordan’s room – and all of Nano’s toys are in my office. I do mean that room.). He’s been so much more independent this last 6 months. (The whole goal of attachment parenting besides the obvious meeting of your baby’s needs as they happen is to foster that trust, let them know that when they do walk away that you’ll be right there when they need you.  To raise empathetic adults who are sensitive to the needs of others. I have never had a child cry when they went off to kindergarten or even preschool. I cried.  My kids, however, were ready to soar on their own for a little bit.  All 4 of my kids had no problem with separation from me after about 3, no clinginess, no crying, etc.)

Yesterday my sister in law told me that she had found a bike trailer like theirs, she’d hold it, but I needed to hurry.  Same place had the Buzz Lightyear bed in the picture that they were getting rid of.  You should have seen me shoving all of that in my Kia Rondo. I had bed parts hanging out my car window and no room to stick Katiana when I picked her up from craft camp.

Nano was so excited when I brought the bed home.  They rearranged Jordan’s room so that Nano’s bed would fit then put the bed together and brought it in.  As you can see, we already had a lot of Buzz stuff.  That’s not even half of it. My boys are Toy Story nuts.  The blanket on the bed is one Jordan had when he was a toddler cuz he LOVED Buzz too.  It’s a male thing in my family.  It was kinda cool cuz I’d just made that pillow he is holding in the picture out of a 2T tshirt that he wouldn’t let us get rid of.  He played in that bed, shooting off to the milky way he said over and over again.  So excited.  Spent hours in it.

Then it was time for bed.

He climbed into my bed.

I said what?  Where’s your bed?  He pointed at my bed and said, my bed.

Nope, this is mommy’s bed, you have your Buzz bed.

He fell asleep curled up next to me.

Pato came in at 11 and moved him to his own bed where he stayed until about 4 AM.  I felt him crawl in next to me after he went to the bathroom. He snuggled right into my side like he always does and went right back to sleep.

I honestly don’t mind if it takes a little longer to get him in his own bed completely.

He’s my last baby.  (God willing.)

I’ll miss those cuddles when they are gone.

That, my friend, will come way too soon.

Until next time…. to infinity and beyond!

Have a great day!

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